Lego orrery with the Sun, the Earth and the Moon

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very very cute so now will lego do led spot lights
to act as the maker of suns shadow maker… and represent in the slow-mo… macro pan…

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Another one here with all of the planets: LEGO IDEAS - Clockwork Solar System


gratuitous etymology:

orrery (n.)
a model solar-system machinery constructed to represent the motions of the planets in their orbits, 1713, invented c. 1704 by English clockmaker George Graham (1673-1751) and constructed by instrument maker John Rowley. Graham gave a copy to his patron, Charles Boyle (1674-1731), 4th Earl of Orrery (Cork) and named it in his honor.

(let’see… if separation scale was to be preserved, a moon/earth distance of 5cm would require an earth/sun distance of 20meters …get out the big lego bin for that?)


Youtube link for bbs (and fellow haters):


Wow, that is gorgeous! I’m usually not a fan of “display” LEGO kits as they just get dusty and gross, but I really hope that one gets released.

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The music from Kerbal Space Program paired with this makes me so happy. It just fills my perfect nerd niche.

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It’s missing the lecturing philosopher.

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