Lego Sonic the Hedgehog set

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i’ll be 60 this year and i own around 60,000 bricks and pieces. some date back to a set my parents got me for christmas 1970 when i was 9 and some date back to the “architecture” set filled with white and transparent pieces my wife gave me for chirstmas of 2018. there is nothing to grow up from there is only growing toward deeper understanding of the fun of the build.


I’m sadly to old to have grown up with Sonic, and the game didn’t catch on when I tried it. But hey, probably not a post for @beschizza , but maybe @thomdunn or @MissCellania or some other Boinger might like the new biodegradable Botanical collection?


really? i mean, i didn’t grow up with sonic but i played the games on my n64 and gamecube.i admit by the time i got my wii i was too busy with twilight princess and supermario galaxy to spend time on sonic but it was one of my touchstones.

Well, let’s just say since Deus Ex came out, I didn’t binge on any game. And I haven’t bought many games since then. And didn’t even ever own a console since my first Atari-like thingy I don’t even remember the name of. It had cartridges with something like pong, something like trigger, something vaguely like space invaders, and an U-Boot/airplane game.

I am old.

Ooh this IS great! I’ll add it to my queue, thank you!

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I have a memory of buying Sonic 2 with birthday money before spending the weekend at my dad’s, where I was guaranteed as much time on the Genesis as I could get. My 5-yo has taken to playing the same game on iOS while watching Sonic X.

Short story long; we’re getting these Legos.

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