Lemony Snicket gives Planned Parenthood $1M

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“Lemony Snicket gives Planned Parenthood $1M”. GOP Professional imbeciles head’s explode.


I’m losing track of the definitions of the various different political sects (don’t say that out loud or it will lead to a completely different discussion). Is the Tea Party a division of the republicans with all the conservative Christian baggage or are they being opportunistic to use the Christian Right to cut more programs that don’t directly go to their pockets?



He can name his new series: “A Smaller Number of Unfortunate Events”


Good. That’s the proper way to fund organizations that engage in legal but controversial enterprises.
Taxpayer money (as the law says) should not go to organizations that perform abortions.
But however PP is funded, they need to follow the law regarding not changing medical techniques to harvest more “lucrative” fetus specimens. And they need to follow the law not to profit off the sale of fetal organs (donations are still payments).

If we cut public funding for every organization that engaged in “controversial enterprises”, there would be no public funding.

And as far as any of the multiple investigations have been able to conclude, they have.


Someone has been drinkin’ the Kool-Aid.


Wooo! Bake Sales for the Pentagon/NSA/DHS!!! (perhaps the “legal” requirement would be dubious in application to these enterprises).


Then your church better start paying taxes.


No public funds go to pay for abortions. None. Something like 3% of the services PP actually provide are abortions (or this was true in 2009 at least). Not a DAMN RED CENT of the funds they use for performing abortions comes from the Fed. Get your facts straight when you start telling women they don’t deserve healthcare.

They don’t. If the assholes who grilled the PP president had actually let her speak, you’d know that fact.

PP performs an important public service for low income women. Ending funding for the organization will be a disaster for low income women who depend upon the services for their gynecological care. If you want an uptick in women getting cancers, STDs, and having unwanted pregnancies, then by all means, advocate for PP being defunded. But if you want healthy women families, no matter how much money they have to pay for it, and you care about families having access to the tools that allow them to plan their families better, then you should support this organization, even if they perform abortions.


As an atheist, I must say that I’m extremely pissed that my tax dollars can not be spent on abortions for poor women because of a law some Christian fundamentalist managed to get Congress to pass.

You know what costs taxpayers a lot more than an abortion? Child Protective Services who will inevitably be called in to remove the unwanted child from his/her living situation.


Hey lets play spot the Astroturfer everyone!



All women really, they are usually easier and faster to get into, and the care is better (from my perspective) than many private practices. But I just have what all the women nurses in my life have to say (they are enthusiastic supporters). :smile:

People that denouce PP really aren’t doing anyone any favors.


Love it. I also created a paypal donation to PP that invokes a payment ($20, i’m just a working stiff), whenever I read an article or see that brave woman having to defend herself in front of a hostile congressional committee. I’ve pushed the button five times now. Protesters a half mile up the street at the PP offices as i drive by acting ugly? Push the button. Its a better response that despair and a raised finger salute to an inanimate object like a TV set or the zombies outside the clinic.


I’d like to shake your hand.


great, so now we can stop taxpayer’s support.
I think that’s the issue.

Keep hope alive.

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Uh, no. the issue is asshole men thinking they know what’s best for women… but thanks for playing “mansplaining”…


Every SO I have ever been with has used planned parenthood. They are better, easier, and quicker. It boggles my mind.