Lenovo Thinkpad X1 reviewed

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Don’t I recall those things come with a free rootkit?


Just think how unstoppably powerful and versatile it could be if it didn’t place such an unnecessary premium on thinness!


Re: Free Rootkit.

I bought mine at a Microsoft Store. They offered to wipe it clean and install a fresh, Microsoft-factory clean version. I declined. He handed me the box and said, “Enjoy Windows!” (which, I guess, they’re required to say).

I took it, laughed, said, “Not for long!” and left. I went home and installed Mint (A Linux Ubuntu derivative) and have enjoyed it ever since. It’s an amazing machine.


Lenovo never put it on Thinkpads.

Carry a laptop around long enough and thinness won’t be an unnecessary premium.


Break a laptop enough times and ruggedness will become a desirable tradeoff.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

But seriously, with the right materials design we should be able to get something thin and light without sacrificing durability.

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Light, certainly. Thin, I’d say that anything under about 20 mm on a form factor of a laptop, and 10mm for a phone, is unnecessarily thin; that’s the point where I’d say the returns start diminishing too much.

The added thickness does not have to cost much weight; the materials can be foam-based or have internal scaffoldings to achieve the desirable stiffness, and to absorb impacts by elastic deformation (and have enough space to deform into without breaking the display or other nondeformable components).

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