Leonard Cohen's estate not praising Trump's unauthorized use of "Hallelujah"

I can’t imagine they watch SNL anymore either.

Someone very much was watching 4 years ago when this aired. That’s how Donnie knew how “terribly unfunny and unfair” were being to him, no?

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It was the official theme song of the 1984 campaign, and after that, it wasn’t necessary. But at no time did he stop using it before the election, despite Bruce’s objections (and despite the bulk of the lyrics being extremely anti-Reagan).


This must be the Bowling Green Massacre I’ve heard so much about!


A lot of programs in the aughts used this song. I recently saw it on a repeat of ER, I think. And I found this on Wikipedia:

The Buckley version has been widely used in film and television dramas, including the series The West Wing ,[38] Crossing Jordan ,[38] Without a Trace ,[38] The O.C. ,[38] House , Dirt , Criminal Minds , ER , Third Watch ,[38] Ugly Betty , LAX ,[38] NCIS , Justiça [48], Longmire , and Sense8 and the films Feast of Love , The Edukators , Vinterkyss and Lord of War . “Hallelujah can be joyous or bittersweet, depending on what part of it you use”, Time quoted Buckley’s publisher as saying. The magazine opined that its liberal use in some cases was “a tacit admission that neither the writers nor the actors could convey their characters’ emotions as well as Buckley.”[38]

eta: I remember The West Wing episode, too.


Hell, sometimes they don’t even read the name of the band.


That whole album is one of my absolute favorites and maybe not for all good reasons. Thanks for posting. The entire work is now so deeply apropos.

Leonard Cohen called it, and he called it early.
He saw it all coming.

:musical_score: :musical_note: “Democracy is comin’ to the U.S.A.” :musical_note:

May it be so.


I have the Jeff Buckly live album with this on it. Jeff’s voice while singing it gives me goosebumps. I’m not religious, but the amount of emotion in that song can move just about anyone.


Why the helpless shrug? Seems like we constantly hear about stuff getting yanked off the net because of some non-infringing snippet of background noise or whatever… why not just stop this shit from ever being re-distributed with a full sound track? Not a huge win given it was designed with a short lifespan to begin with, but still better than a shrug.

and property rights

Or this one:

Or this one:


As I understand it, the specific permission of the artist isn’t required for it to be legal- just a broadcast license fee. It’s set up like that to remove red tape so DJs in nightclubs, etc can just play what they like without specifically requesting permission from artists or at least their labels.

The downside is that politicians can use the music of people who would definitely disagree with them without asking permission.

And it amuses me that conservatives seem especially prone to using songs that absolutely do not fit the message they’re going for, be it a song that blatantly criticizes the party using it (Reagan using Born in the USA), or is basically a non- sequiter (unless, of course, Trump wants us to know his campaign is all about sex, like Hallelujah rather obviously is)

It seems superficially religious, like standing in front of a church with a Bible in your hand.

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