Eddy Grant sues Trump campaign for copyright infringement over "Electric Avenue"

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Man, that’s some shite CGI. They really made the effort.


When asked what he would do if a lower court strikes down the injunction Grant replied, “Then we’ll take it higher.”


Nice one; welcome.


Ah yes, more of blaming Biden for the violence happening under Trump. The sad thing is, at least in terms of preaching to the choir, it is a good strategy.

Best part is they use a song about a riot under a conservative government to imply impending doom under a less conservative government.Despite all the riots under the much more conservative government.

I dunno but I’ve been getting the impression that extreme right or left governments tend to create conditions that cause riots. The US has a lot of leeway leftward, but has used up all it’s reserve on the right.


Why have I not see the video for that song before? I guess I just assumed there wasn’t one and never looked for it.


Isn’t the President above the law? I thought we already determined this.


TL;DR: what @OrangeTide said.

I think that’s the second time in a week that I’ve read about the campaign using another song without permission. But those aren’t the first two times it’s happened (and, I’ll hazard a guess, it happened in 2016 as well). By now, the campaign manager(s) certainly know they’re supposed to get permission, first. But, they must also figure that nothing is going to happen – I mean, what’s Trump going to do, pay a debtor? Worry that this makes them look bad?

If the court finds in Grant’s (or any other plaintiff’s) favor, and Trump (or rather, his campaign) doesn’t pay up, and there’s this judgment against him/them sitting out there, I’m honestly not sure what that means at this point.

It’s not that I believe that they should act with impunity, but I’m at a loss here, figuring out what anybody is going to do about it. But I don’t mean to sound totally defeatist and I hope they proceed with the case, anyway, and that they prevail. A thousand tiny* stings and all that.

*“Tiny” being relative; it wouldn’t feel tiny to you or me if we were on the receiving end of this. See also: the federal employees who don’t work in the White House, but are being or have been punished under the Hatch Act

Addendum: I guess there’s the silver lining that a corporation won’t screw around with this and that if Facebook or YouTube (or whoever) receives a takedown notice, it would (presumably) be gone in short order.


I remember the video when it came out. It was cheap early MTV style. The song was so ear-wormy back then.


…and then 8? 12? years later, it was the commercial jingle for the Electronics section at Montgomery Ward. They sold me a Packard-Bell monitor that was missing its speakers. FWIW.


Maybe they were trying to match the aesthetic of early '80s music video CGI?

Or maybe it’s just shite because almost everyone who has a smattering of artistic sensibility and training hates the GOP with the fury of a thousand suns. Which is also why “musicians furious at Republicans using their songs at rallies” has been such a common theme.


You fit right in around here mate, welcome!


Good. Also, does hes really want to start a word salad war? People in glass houses and all.


At this point I don’t know if someone in the campaign is dogwhistling or not


Republicans have some real issues with design. And comedy. And literacy.


Its less dogwhistling than airhorning. Appeals to neo-nazi mass murder are outright campaign points.


It’s weird that this works, given that the messaging is: “America is a flaming hellscape, Keep America Great by reelecting Donald Trump, who is totally not responsible for anything that’s happening under his presidency.”


Because you were either too young or not yet born in the mid-1980s? I remember the video of Eddy running being played ALL THE TIME at the bar where I worked. (I still hum the song anytime I see the word “electric.”)


In Trump World, the important thing is the extraction of $$, not the production of a quality product. For example, look at the inauguration, which cost more than any inauguration to date. Where did the money go? Certainly not into the production of the inauguration itself.