Downticket Republican candidates threaten libel suits over TV spots tying them to Trump


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Trump elected president

I’m unaware of a politician ever suing for defamation. It seems like a terrible idea.

If anything it’ll bring them all under complete scrutiny. And the last thing the GOP wants is to be scrutinized. The dems don’t like it either. But the democratic candidate doesn’t go around bragging about how they can sexually assault people. The democratic candidate also demonstrates a modicum of respect for the electoral system, and she also doesn’t claim that giving nukes to insane theocratic dictatorship states is a good idea.


Stop telling people the things I said on television!


“How dare you tie my shitty policies to my party’s shitty candidate!”


I’m laughing all the way to the poles! pools! polls!

3rd times the charm.



—copyedit boy sez: either capitalize Poles or spell it polls, take your choice.


Maybe @Papasan is heading out to the strip club!



The Dems definitely need more seats in the House, so I’m all for these lawsuits.


When has that stopped the GOP from doing something stupid in the past?




Wow, politicians suing someone because they were linked to thier Presidential Candidate! Drumpf is some kind of toxic. Hard to beleive that people are so blind that they still support this twit. I don’t really like HRC, but she will be so much better for the country than Drumpf. Especially since Drumpf will do everything in his power to screw over this country. You can only be so hypocritical without damaging those around you.


Coffman’s a tool who is going down this year because of 2012 redistricting.

Historically Colorado’s 6th district was safely Republican but they redrew the district to take away the rural conservative strongholds of Elbert and Douglas counties and added all of Aurora and Adams Co which is mostly urban, minority and low income. No wonder he wants to distance himself as far away from Trump as possible and move to towards the center.

Coffman was also the asshat who tried to exempt “forcible rape” from the ban on federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Like there’s different categories of rape.


I dunno, they sound like Trump…


“Well of COURSE everything looks bad if you remember it.” -Homer Simpson


#Downticket Republican candidates threaten libel suits over TV spots tying them to Trump


Anyone need an extra shot of schadenfreude for their popcorn?


I brought plenty…