Leopard's head freed from cooking pot

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Meanwhile in America, instead of standing around, waiting for tranq gun, we re-purpose heavy machinery to rescue our big headed animals.


That was some super crane skill.

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Character customization in the new Fallout looking gooood

Good thing he shot it in vertical mode. Otherwise the bear might have been at risk for staying in the frame and we could see what’s going on!

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Impressive. If you don’t have the requisite heavy equipment and a surgical grade loader / excavator operator handy, it’s probably best to wait for the tranquiizer gun.

How did I know that guns would enter this thread? Dammit, I look forward to the day we go back to the sword for swift and lovely justice.

They entered at the first reply posted actually.

To be fair, I don’t think the article discussed how the tranquilizer was administered but I suspect a competent vet tech could have nailed that leopard with a hand held syringe in short order. (Mainly due to the pot on the head.)

So swords, I’ve only fenced foil but I understand sabre and epee are a blast. Care to discuss in another thread?

Sure, next week after another mass shooting at a school.

Okay. So:

  • I stated that I didn’t bring up tranquilizer guns initially
  • This topic was about an animal with a cooking pot on it’s head
  • You brought up some snark about swords
  • Not every thread needs to be a gun thread

What are you getting at and why does it need to be in this thread or address me?

Methinks he doth protest too much. Uhhh, maybe you are taking things a teeeeeensy bit too far?

Dude. Fucking whatever.


I feel more optimistic knowing that others have freed their head by cooking pot.

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Yep. Exactly.

Whatever it takes man. :slight_smile:

YOUR head? Stuck in a pot?

It’s more likely than you think…


Silly old bear…

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Of all the guns in existence, tranquiliser guns are probably the easiest to justify. Tranquiliser swords, not so much.


eyy, that is a great idea!!!

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Eh - they sorta did that in Chappie.

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