Leslie Jones hack investigated by federal agents



Luckdragon takes the afternoon off and look at what happens.


Oh, yeah, seriously - that needs to be treated on par with attempted murder, because it could so easily turn into a murder. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, in fact.

Yeah, sheesh, she could either have her privacy and lack of abuse, or she could be a black woman. She made her choice!

It’s Very Wrong of me, but when I read about his kind of abuse, about swatting, about rape/death threats aimed at women with the police completely disinterested, I start having fantasies about putting together a vigilante squad to track the abusers down, kick in their doors and nail their hands to their keyboards. Y’know, nothing drastic.


Good. I hope they nail these bastards to the wall.


If we can get them out of retirement…



There’s a garlic puree thread? How the hell did I miss that?


I guess warlords in the Dark Ages were probably told that by their tame bards.


I would actually treat it as wasting police time, with the penalty some multiple of the actual cost. Don’t create martyrs for 4chan, leave them stuck in a basement paying off a few hundred thousand dollars debt.

Geneva Convention. If they think they’re fighting a war, just lock them up as POWs till the cessation of hostilities.


I liked Jones as soon as I first saw her but for some reason this piling-on of abuse and racism just makes me like her even more.

This is not a justification for the actions of Yiannopolous and his jackbooted followers. I hope they’re found and prosecuted for their actions. I just hope they realize that if their intent is to make people dislike Leslie Jones it’s not working.

And if this is some twisted effort to make people like her–as unlikely as that seems–this is not the way to go about it.


Slightly OT but I was delighted at the way Farage outed himself to the US public and HRC picked up on it.
Come on, you’ve got the FBI. Is there nothing he’s done that is orange jumpsuit worthy?


Is it? They do seem to get a lot of followers willing to contribute their money and efforts to making the world a worse place because they believe Trump and his friends are sincere. I would rather a person be restrained by shame.


Same, but some persons are just holistically terrible and it’s hard to isolate the attention-seeking behavior from any other worthlessness. It goes way beyond simple bad opinions.

  1. That’s way, WAY too much credit for Milo the Manbaby;

  2. Any chance we could send him back?

Agreed, but I think there are people to whom the concept of “shame” is as foreign as the concept of “empathy”. That small class of people should be clearly and abundantly marked as such. Maybe with a little tar? A few feathers?


Wasting police time doesn’t put them or the public in harm’s way, though. Deliberately doing something that could easily result in actual deaths is a fair bit beyond just a fine. We can’t worry about making martyrs through appropriate sentencing - and I’m not sure it would really make martyrs any more than fines would.


He’s not? He memorized license plates in one movie.


I know, right? OMG this person has a sex life!


Hopefully a bit of good old investigation will turn up the guilty parties.

I would really like to see these awful people experience the justice system


Shitstain is such a great word for Donald and his followers.

They simply make things worse


It’s great that Jones case will get the attention it should. It sucks that so many victims of online threats and harassment get little, if any, help from local, state or national authorities.