Let all who want more male nudity voice their desire


Are there not enough depictions of dongs in your day?

Do you want to witness a wang?

Do you own the urge to ogle eggs and sausage?

… heck, I don’t know where this elusively allusive and assonantly alliterative anatomical metaphors is going, so I’m going to stop there.


#We, the undersigned, want more male nudity!

btw, any comment below counts as a signature, and will be duly recorded in The Big Book of Those Who Want To Wave at Wangs.

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The naked hypocrisy of Game Of Thrones’ nudity


Well only in the sense of fair play. In that as I stated in another thread that I now forget, male bodies don’t make me go oooh like female ones do, but hey if it makes other peeps happy no reason they should have see nekkidladies and no nekkidlads.


I require moar dongs. But they must be specific dongs, shaped like this.


Alternatively, perforated wangs that resemble yurts are acceptable.


Try the Watchmen movie. It’s. . . it’s pretty close






Sometimes I’m annoyed by gratuitous nudity that really interrupts a story.

But I really hate magic underwear (or gauze) appearing on people for the sake of modesty when the plot obviously calls for nudity.

And cameras that insist on staying above the waist when it ruins the blocking of a scene. Scenes that look like bad editing just to avoid a little anatomy.

Don’t be afraid of the penis, just let it happen. It’ll be OK.



(we were both actually really tired, and drove to the redwoods at 3am the next morning. it was awesome)

(i think i have cashed in every piece of good will from everyone on this forum today :D)


Yep, bring on the dong. They’re never scary, often hilarious, and need to be stripped of whatever mystery and power they gain by being hidden 'neath tight 501s all the livelong day.



Oh, and butts too. Naked butts are the goofiest things ever. We need more.

Scrota I can take or leave. But wieners and fannies will never get old.

Both fannies.


Heck, even an old fanny produces old farts, and those are often the funniest.


Why am I suddenly thinking “breakfast of champions”?


Desire? It’s a civic duty!

…and stuff!


I dunno. My eight-year-old sure has a gift for a long, controlled staccato emission that brings down the house every time.


Most dogs try to fart silently. My 12 year old lab doesn’t even try. He’s figured out that he can get us rolling on the floor with a squeaker that sounds uncannily like Alvin saying “Aw Daveeeeeee”.


What did no one watch this?


More cocks in our clocks?

More dicks in our discourse?

More peepee in our periphery?


Cardinal George Pell will only sign if it includes boy penis.