Let's do international shots, it's Eurovision 2014!


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Eurovision has made some hits here across the pond.

Granted, that’s 40 years ago.

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I’m still disappointed in the shabby treatment that Rambo Amadeus got in 2013 (or maybe it was 2012). I mean, it’s the guy who made this song, which kind of makes fun of Laibach:

And this utter slice of weirdness - what’s going on in this video? I have no idea, but I like it:

Former Yugoslavia’s best kept secret!

But here was his Eurovision entry for Montenegro - he probably lost because he was being critical of the EU, but still - the video had a donkey!:

Britain might have given its points to Austria, but the public wanted Poland to win.


Same in Ireland.

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I first thought Mrs Wurst was chosen for stupid resentiment to have something to mob and make fun off, but she’s quiet amazing actually. Might bring some good…

I love the smell of simmering political resentments in the evening.

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To get back on topic: I thought it was an amazing show this year, full of ridiculous stage gimmicks, awesome pathos and political drama. The ESC is an extraordinary institution and everybody who’s even faintly into pop music (and perhaps a little bit queer) should watch it. And get hammered doing so. (It’s the law!)


It’s not the same without Wogan, man.


Wow - not just that, but the public placed Poland 1st out of 25, and the voting panel average placed Poland 25th out of 25!!


I came here simply to mention that we can all blame Eurovision for ABBA.

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I’m going to come right out and say I got a little misty when Conchita gave her victory speech. Under all the glitz there was something very real and moving happening at Eurovision this year.

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Herr Neuwirths "LOOK AT ME"American/Austrian Idol-style of self-promotion is grating but I have to admit he did quite well and his contribution was one of the best.

The moral of the story for me was:
Gimmick + Good Orchestration = Win
Conchita Wurst (which is one of the best drag names I’ve seen) had strings and horns and sounded like a Bond theme. Like a Bond theme recorded in Abbey Road with a proper orchestra.

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You certainly got into the spirit of the thing. High spirits, drinking spirits and making fun of how awful everything is.

The UK just sucks at Eurovision. Ireland has collected the most Eurovision wins of any nation, despite not getting any clique votes.

On little fact gahtering to the connection between LGBT rights and voting for Conchita Wurst (sausage - which is equally used in austria for “whatever” and therfore a statement that it doesn’t matter who you are).

A figures comparing the voting / points for Wurst with an european LGBT index (ILGA):
Figure: ILGA-Index / Televoting Rank (1…25)

Description to it (sorry only german) and more figures (ILGA/Jury, ILGA/Points): Wurst-Index

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Eurovision discussion turns mainly into bigotry discussion. Impressive.

Get back on topic. Cheers.

If you do want to continue the discussion, you can do so here

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Now I have the WORST hangover and I only just read about drinking all those awful shots.

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You did a good thing there.

I had cousins who literally centered their holiday celebrations around the black jockey perched prominently in their front yard. The year everyone, including the jockey, was wearing Chicago Bears jerseys (jockey in the center of the group shot, naturally) for their Christmas card, I casually mentioned that most people didn’t realize the true history of the black jockey statue was that it indicated safe homes on the Underground Railroad. It’s actually not a proven fact, but the story worked: the jockey was banished to a spot behind the garage by the next time I went to their home. snerk


Oops…sorry, Falcor. Some things just cannot stand, you know?