Let's just make innocuous comments sound like we're yelling at each other!


That’s a fool’s game!


@codinghorror keeps adding badges!


New badge: “First question asked”.


:flag_black: :exclamation:


I will use interrobangs when I feel like it!


That would go in here!


I am confused! Who closed the Questions thread!?!


Automatically. Now we only need to know why, and who wrote that, or you know, why it did!! And how to get it reopened!!!


Wasn’t I being polite!?! The closed message makes no sense to me!


Very polite, I was on the rough side!!!


You need some exclamation points!!! Here, have some of mine!




Thanks, used some of them!! Left a few, you never know when you need them!


What’s the punishment for failure to exclaim!


¡ This or ¿


I have lots of them, just got a new shipment in!

This place is starting to feel like the inmates are running the asylum!


This >>>> !!!


What don’t you get! it’s very clear! You hit the 200 message limit! (200 here is a number expressed base 99.62!)

Or maybe it’s 20K messages, with 152 deleted messages counting against limit but not against the displayed message count! people delete messages sometimes and I don’t know how those get counted!!!


You must create the Questions II thread and make the first post there!


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

All of them are for me!

Big ones small ones some as big as your head!


I do not have enough fingers or partial fingers to count in base 99.62!