"Let's Learn Japanese": the 1984 language-teaching video series still holds up


This is awesome. My son is learning Japanese (and I’m learning over his shoulder,) but textbook alone is kind of dry.

The sweater! My Eyes!

I remember that, I picked up a lot of Japanese from that show. I taped most of the episodes and went through them before going to live in Tokyo for about a year. That was 25 years ago now. It was interesting following the international news from over there (this was the first Gulf War). I still fondly remember the time I spent there and the friends I made.

Natsukashii! Totally loved this… Remembering the heart-break of Yan-San’s love interest… Looking forward to re-watching.

Wow! I’ve seen it before, but it does hold up well! The lessons are pretty good, but my wife prefers me to speak a little more formally.

I am about to leave for my annual to Tokyo to visit my in-laws, also Kato-san, for the 21st time. We do speak some Japanese at home, but it always takes me a couple of days to get comfortable. I think I’ll binge watch and get a head start.


I really liked the みんなの日本語 (Minna No Nihongo) video skits.

Wow! How have I missed this all these years? I arrived in Tokyo between the two series, and have never come across Yan either in person or in these videos. The second series, set in 1995 is almost painfully natsukashii. Those clothes! That hair! So many suppressed memories rushing forth. Can’t wait to watch them all. Thanks for posting this, Colin!

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