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Nice, i have an upcoming trip to Japan toward the second half of May and its my first time going there :slight_smile: i really need to start doing my homework on some basic conversational Japanese and other info.


JapanesePod101 is a great series. 12/10. Would recommend.


I agree! I actually started listening to Japanese Pod 101 from the very first episode, which I think was in late 2006 or thereabouts. It was the first podcast that I really got into seriously. And unlike many podcasts that suck at first and then gradually get better, it was excellent from the very beginning.


Can someone who follows JapanesePod101 tell me, is it appropriate/useful for someone whose language level is somewhere around Japanese 301?


Yes, I think so. It covers a gamut of information relevant to a Japanophile – from language basics (including grammar, kanji, etc) to more esoteric cultural lessons.


I didn’t realize that ~Pod101 was a series in multiple languages. I’ve been subscribed to SpanishPod101 for a while and it’s uncanny to see essentially the same content/graphics/style with a different presenter in another language.

I did know that Easy Languages had multiple versions, but content-wise they’re all independent, and for instance Easy Spanish broke off into its own channel, which is very good if you want to listen to authentic extemporaneous Spanish.


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