Letter to my black daughter under a Trump presidency

Oh, you mean a like cabinet filed with alt-right extremists, anti-science climate change deniers, big money, and big oil?

If so, it looks like you’ll get your wish.


Just look at the comments section* on any web site with any articles coming out that are critical of Trump and you’ll see this on display on droves. It’s stomach turning.

* (Actually, I would strongly encourage you not to do this.)


I’m sorry, comrade; was that comment in response to mine?

If so, it would have been really nice of you to actually address my points, rather than just dismissing them out of hand.

The saying is actually that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel; meaning if you don’t fix the problem, it only gets exponentially worse.

Sorry, do you mean to imply that other people are somehow not living “in the real world?” (I mean, maybe the 1% don’t, that’s arguable, but still…)

Oh, is that what happened?

I guess we shall see how ‘well’ that works out, eventually.

Also, forgive me, but it seems like you’ve taken on the responsibility of speaking on behalf of other people. You assert that you voted the way you did for the reasons you’ve stated above, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who voted the same way you did, also did so for the exact same reasons.

Some people voted out of spite, and still many other people didn’t bother to vote at all.

C’mon son; surely you know by now, my mama didn’t raise no fools. Also I think Jemmie Duffs nailed it in her assessment.


But hey, they’ll bring about tax breaks and punish dirty whores who get abortions, so who cares about our environment?


I’m 99% sure I didn’t, but it’s been a while since I did it so who knows.

You seemingly replied directly to her. So that’s either you did or it’s a glitch (which most certainly happens here sometimes).


It could well be that I clicked reply, decided not to, then left a general comment.

Or, a glitch. Discourse has a lot of moving parts.

I’ll take the blame, though, since it was probably me.


I don’t think any blame needs to be assigned. I just wanted to connect the dots to your comment and what the person you seemed to be replying to said. No need to explain it just as a general comment I think.


I saw it too. Of course, we’ve all seen similar glitches and mistakes before.


The last census showed that non-Hispanic whites are no longer in the majority in the under five demographic cohort. This country will no longer have an ethnicity in the majority and will instead be a plurality. While I am saddened by the presidential election results, and worried for my mixed race children, I am heartened that those largely responsible for Trump’s victory are in a steep demographic decline and their influence is quickly waning.



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Actually, yeah. That would be nice if someone would think of the children.


Depending on how old your kid is, you may be surprised how much they learn/know.

My wife and I decided that we needed to get away from it all for at least a weekend, and had planned a family camping weekend. On the drive there, my five year old asked us “The not nice man is in charge now right?” A bit out of the blue (like all 5 year old musings seem), so we didn’t know what she was talking about. After a bit of back and forth it became readily obvious that this was about the election.

Apparently the f-ing 5 year olds are discussing it on the kindergarten playground! I don’t remember discussing (or being aware at any level really) politics at her age. It seems like the kindergarteners know and are worried.


I do. The arguments were something like “if you don’t like Reagan you’re a filthy commie!”

The kids’ arguments weren’t much better :grinning:


If we’re going to date ourselves (and might I say, what a mighty fine date!)…

I do remember someone dressing up as a giant uncle sam peanut for Halloween in honor of Jimmy Carter… But that’s about it. More innocent times I guess (not really, but it sure seemed so).


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