LG's new portable TV in a briefcase looks like it's from a 1970s James Bond movie

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Déjà vu (Reboing) @pesco

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I mean, I’m not a luddite, but… who is this for?

It’s possible to connect the StanbyMe Go to external devices, but you’ll be limited to just one at a time — the portable TV only has a single HDMI input and doesn’t appear to have any ports for getting audio in or out of the device.

That’s lame.

LG doesn’t list the unit’s physical specifications yet, but according to TechSpot, the StanbyMe Go gets as small as 26.38 x 17.05 x 4.69 inches when closed and it weighs 28 pounds, which isn’t exactly featherweight.

So… 20 times as heavy as a laptop. Cool.


It’s for supervillains everywhere. You’re about to start the monologue, so you have Henchman #21 appear at your side, carrying this briefcase. He dramatically sets it on the table, and it starts showing a security camera focused on your target, or a dossier on the hero, or (god forbid) a PowerPoint presentation of your evil plans.

I mean, that’s just pure class.


Now you’ve gone one step too far.


I could imagine it working for people living in limited space who only want a TV some of the time? For example, I live in an RV. I don’t have a TV, I got rid of them because I don’t need them I have better uses for my space. I do have a projector with a Fire stick + a white curtain, but something like this could also be a good option that’s easy to put away when not in use.

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I like to watch walkthrough videos of yachts (it’s for research for writing projects, I swear!) and most of them - at least the sort that perhaps two people could crew and yet still cross the oceans - have some sort of hidden away TV thing in the salon where the TV retracts down into some piece of furniture. I never quite figured out whether it was cool, or somehow practical for being on a boat.


Well, my RV came with one mounted high up on a wall in a way that prevented the freezer from fully opening, and another in the bedroom in a way that no one above 5’6" could walk around the bed without ducking. Folded away would have been a big improvement. Also, being tucked away removes any chance of having it fall while traveling. Multiple uses of the same space are very valuable as long as conversion is fairly painless.

I don’t think The Mighty Monarch would use this, it isn’t in battle magenta.


Yea, I could see that. I just assumed that most people with RVs have full function (but small) TVs if they want one. Or they watch stuff on a laptop. We have a small-ish TV in the bedroom that’s 43 inches and very light. But once and a while I take it out back on the patio as it’s got built in Roku.
Also, part of me is like “god, I hope people don’t bring this to campsites and bother other campers”.
We like to tent camp with friends and our evenings are spent around the campfire.

I said “villain” and I meant it.

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sound input: airplay, bluetooth, hdmi
sound output: “10 W side-firing” speakers-- (so they suck for dialogue), possibly bluetooth, no headphone jack, no support for arc

The amazon page features plenty of imaginary product shots.

Two-ton 21 could just cradle it in his arms.

I actually seem to be the exception overall. Depends on where I am, but it’s not unusual for people to head to a campground and spend a whole weekend watching TV outside. It’s one of the reasons I prefer state parks.

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There’s not a lot of space on a boat, and a real need to stow things in rough weather. Lots of small cabinets that don’t waste space.A retractable screen can be practical-- protects the screen too.

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