Liberated Yazidi sex-slaves become a vengeful, elite anti-ISIS fighting force

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Is there any way I can make a donation, say, a crate of AK-47s?


Heavy artillery? Some tanks?


We can see if the ATF has anything left they didn’t send to Mexico.


Seriously though, I THINK the US already sends stuff to the Kurds, who are some of the most reasonable and self sufficient people in the region. Friends who served there said they had their shit together better than anywhere else.


It’s pretty unrelated but I couldn’t help sticking this on.

The west supplies arms to Saudi Arabia, one of the main sources of ISIS power and support, to Turkey, which has an open border for Isis fighters and attacks anti ISIS forces, and directly to ISIS allies .

I wouldn’t go looking for the west to back the right horse anytime soon. Western policy is the sewer coming from Kissinger and our mouths are duct taped to it.


This sounds like a good premise for a Tarantino movie


An elderly friend surprised us the other day by remarking that he thought we should be doing a lot more to support the Kurds. It turned out that he had been embedded with them when working for the security services. In the 1950s. If it was left up to him he’d be invading Turkey and carving out a Kurdish State.


We need to crowdfund a load of wire guided missiles. Or something that can take out Toyota trucks used as gun platforms.

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I’d suggest to mount the launchers to the same Toyotas. They are proven as pretty good technicals.

ATF? After they clear out the Malheur, the BLM should be pretty well stocked. Probably get some bargains! (Not suggesting we send the sex toys, that would be highly inappropriate.)

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But not the PKK in Turkey - they’re a terrorist organisation like ISIS:

That’s true, as far as Turkey is concerned. What the western powers should do about the Kurds is more complicated, especially since Turkey is in NATO…

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Wasn’t this basically the plot of Hobo With A Shotgun? Reminds me of Nuns With Guns as well.


Risk of being shot up in short order by the Russians.

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Well remember Sadam tried to kill them. They had to be doing something right.


The Kurds are no more a threat to Turkey than the Scot Nats are to Britain - but they are a threat to Erdogan’s position. Most of the trouble in the world is caused, not by nations, but by individual politicians. This seems especially true in the Middle East. The question is why it always seems to take NATO between twenty and thirty years to perceive that each successive “strong man” is in fact a power mad would be dictator.


Remind me again whose sphere of influence we were supposed to be keeping Turkey out of by letting them into NATO?
The Turkish connection is, of course, that they were prepared to support the Germans against the British and the Germans gave them extensive military training. It all paid off in terms of cheap holidays, though.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This may well be the undoing of ISIS. Once that ball starts rolling how do you stop it?