Library loans taxidermy animals for science, education, and Harry Potter parties

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Well it looks like Stephen Miller is finally going to get that serial killer themed birthday party he’s always wanted.

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Those Alaskan Plushophilia parties must be off the hook.

The Nature Center at Rhode Island School of Design has many taxidermy specimens, bones, skulls, and living creatures that the students can work with to improve their drawing and observation skills. I don’t believe that you can take them out of the room though. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you ever go to Providence, RI and they host a bi-annual Design Science Symposium which is happening again in Fall 2019, a joy for happy mutants everywhere.


Throw a taxidermy-themed Harry Potter party and everybody loves you. Try it with human bodies and everybody loses their mind.

I’d check out all the Canada Geese and have a party where it’d be all FU GEESE. FU. And then throw poop at them.

“Did somebody say PARTY??

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