Lick-and-stick these 'tiny protest signs' onto your mail

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Ooo - I like the designs. I loved stamps as a kid - even these… crap I forget the term… things that look like stamps but arent.


I have rubber stamps, not that I send much mail anymore.

A few whale stamps, a No Nukes stamp, and there must be a nuclear disarmament stamp. I’m not sure I have ink for the stamp pad.

But Canada issued a stamp earlier this year to commemorate the Red River Resistance. That’s political, and family history too.

One could be crude and take a colored marker and write Black Lives Matter on the envelope. “Crude” simply because not all of us have artistic ability.

Or write a letter to the local paper.


Given what the government is trying to do to the USPS, stamps themselves are a protest. Especially when stuck to letters sent to your federal representatives (yes, all of them, not just one) demanding that they protect the USPS.


several possibilities

Album weed : In general, a forged stamp. It also refers to unusual items that resemble postage stamps but were not intended to pay postage, like publicity labels and bogus issues. Album Weeds is the title of a reference book series on forged stamps, written by the Rev. R. Brisco Ear‚e.
Charity seals : Stamplike labels that are distributed by a charity. They have no postal validity, although they are often affixed to envelopes. United States Christmas seals are one example.

Cinderella : A stamplike label that is not a postage stamp. Cinderellas include seals and bogus issues, as well as revenue stamps, local post issues and other similar items.

Label : Any stamplike adhesive that is not a postage stamp or revenue stamp.


I’d send for these, but something tells me she is going to be absolutely overwhelmed with mail in a couple days.


Together we can lick racism!
But please don’t lick anything. Pandemic and all.


I think “cinderella” is the term I have heard.

Well, I’ve heard of Charity Seals too, but that isn’t as inclusive.

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They’re great designs and all, but seriously who sends mail these days?

People who want to send protest stamps?

During the Gulf War, our Prime Minister said something about protesters, I can’t remember what, so every day I sent a postcard to his office with a different bit of nonviolence history on each one.


I just use the regular US flag stamps and stick 'em on upside-down, as a signal of distress.


“Lick-and-stick these ‘tiny protest signs’ onto your mail” or “How to make your mail not reach the recipient.”



I have heard Label as a more generic term, and Charity Seal to describe very specific types of labels. This is a label but not (AFAIK) a charity seal. Even if it isn’t a charity seal, I wouldn’t call it that, just because it feels wrong to me somehow.

That’s an excellent idea.

Interesting shop. If these weren’t so expensive, I’d wear them just for the color:


They’re really comfy though. Bought three pairs a few years ago (grey, black, and brown). Holding up fine so far.

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