Lies of the Daily Mail




If scumbags didn’t keep buying this sad excuse for a paper, other scumbags would stop producing it.


Alas there is no legal obstacle to the matrimony of cretins with sociopaths.


Wait, isn’t England the country with the crushing penalties for libel?


They only crush you if you are small and defenseless.


Ah. Like the US then.


This video is pretty much obligatory watching whenever The Daily Fail is mentioned. (NSFW language.)


New Ralph Steadman work always catches my eye


I don’t know if England’s penalties are notably more crushing than those of other civil court systems(though certainly more than crushing enough to keep the little people away, and even a relatively-notable-if-not-exactly-rich guy like Simon Singh, with Guardian backup racked up some tens of thousands of pounds in expenses), just that their situation in terms of standards of proof, burden of proof, truth-as-a-defense, and other useful things is utterly dire.

The penalties definitely aren’t high enough to make suitably profitable libel uneconomic (See also: The Daily Heil); but the place has earned its notoriety as a superb venue to shut somebody up even if they would crush your case in much of the rest of the world.


[quote=“Boundegar, post:4, topic:18342, full:true”]
Wait, isn’t England the country with the crushing penalties for libel?
[/quote]Apparently not.


There are a lot of stupid cunts in the UK.

The totally awesome thing about them is that many are actually self aware enough to lie about their motivations for reading the paper when challenged.

That warm feeling around your heart when you read the Daily Mail is your congested and dying muscle tissue being flooded with more stress chemicals whilst the bile rises and burns the flesh around your gullet.



Y’know, seeing them from the other side of the puddle, I would have assumed “Lies of the Daily Mail” was redundant.


Well, nothing scares people quite like the truth and some people know how to make just the right haven for them…

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