Life imitates "Don't Look Up" on British morning show

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There are probably a few interviews that could be matched up to this scene as well.

Either way, do not count on the corporate media to be helpful as we confront the hyperobject of the climate emergency. They are too invested in neoliberalism to do anything but push Libertarian talking points, perhaps not even consciously. The host on the real-life show suggesting she’s a hypocrite for wearing a dress is directly reminiscent of Matt Bors’s “Mr. Gotcha” comic:


The movie got its material from real life first, since the press has been doing this shit for 30 years so it’s really art imitates life, then life continues the way it was going already and “imitates” the art that imitated real life in the first place.


Kind of remarkable how she has a nearly identical haircut as well. The absurdity of this past decade or so has me believing that there may, in fact be a god, but if so it’s definitely Loki.


Life is more absurd than art. Art requires a human brain to go, “yeah, that makes sense,” even if it’s writing satire or parody.


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Rest assured, oblivious greedheads are working hard to make living on this planet impossible sooner than most of us like to think.


Looks like I’ll get my wish then. /s


I watched the clip, expecting to see the activist taking cues from the movie, and to a degree she did to her credit. I find it good the way she pointed out the inane whataboutisms of the morning show host trying to shame her for wearing clothes that owe their existence to oil (as if she had a choice!) to deflect from the ongoing crisis.

But it’s that cheap, inane whataboutism that really gets my goat. “Sure, you may be against wage theft, but isn’t it true that you yourself left a restaurant without tipping the hard-working waitstaff?”


Sure, you claim you’re against the world going to shit, but isn’t it true that you yourself took a healthy one just this morning?


Watching the clip from the morning show, I thought I was going to have a rage stroke. I don’t know how that woman kept her shit together in the face of that [extremely angry and colorful expletives deleted] - I would have been unable to respond by, at minimum, screaming, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” in his face every time he asked an inane question.

Honestly, I have fantasies about someone taking that smug dude out into the desert, tying him spreadeagled to stakes, and sitting there so they could respond to his entreaties with, “You want to be untied? Well, that’s a simplistic response, isn’t it? Begging? That’s quite childish.”

Even he’s not this malevolent.

Oh, this so much worse than that, though. It’s more like, “Why don’t you give 300% tips to waitstaff to make up for wage theft, then? Gotcha!”


Yes, Richard Madeley is pretty much an IRL version of Alan Partridge but with none of the humour and all of the cringe.

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I hate them both for the same reasons, so yes I totally agree.


I always knew he was thick, but Good christ.

F*&>in vacous arse.
(edited cos’ I hadn’t assuaged the rage)


I love to hate the patheticness and pettiness of Alan Partridge but like the best Brit comedy characters he has a profound sadness at his core that shows through now and again. It opens one’s eyes to the Alan Partridges all over day time TV though.

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I’m swinging wildly off-topic I know, but this morning I heard a seagull that sounded just like Alan Partridge laughing.

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