Song of the Day: "Pagan Atheists"


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The important question is, does someone know if this is supposed to be satire?


I’m going to go with a very big “Yes” to that question:
(But that I couldn’t immediately tell just by watching their video, and that it took their second song, “Don’t Cha Wish Your Savior Was Right Like Mine?” and the website to tip me off says something.)


They had me fooled. That video is right in line with a lot of completely earnest performances I’ve seen in person.


Seems to be quite obviously satire to me. “You don’t need evolution” is a line I simply can’t see an “anti-evolutionist” using.

“You’re not making Christianity better, you’re just making rock and roll worse.” Hank Hill


The choice of song to use as a melody threw me off a bit - I couldn’t recollect what it was, but it seemed to me that it was a bit more raunchy than the songs usually repurposed for religious remakes. Otherwise, it is, indeed, completely dead-on in every respect. Which I suppose makes it a bit superfluous, really.

Do a search for “You don’t need evolution” and you’ll turn up a bunch of creationist websites & arguments.

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What about that site makes you think that its satire? I don’t see an obvious tip off.

For example.

If you also look at the non-religious content, they’ve built a whole fake media empire (going back almost 100 years) of (non-existent) parodies of various genres of films (e.g. Manka Bros. Presents Tennessee Williams’ Haunted Alligators), television shows, stage plays, cartoons, etc. It’s a remarkable and inexplicable website.

Edit: Or not so inexplicable; there’s this about it:

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…I Love You More Than Ice Cream, I Really, Really Do…

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