RU Sirius's insanely psychedelic music video "Punching A Nazi"

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I cant help but feel there’s a tacit approval of violence underlining the message of this song!


It took The Donald several years just to write an IOU, baaaaabe.

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Was oddly satisfying.




That was some strong juju.

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OK, Bob Dobbs I kinda get but what’s the deal with Bob Weir. Did I miss something?

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Bob and Bobby in a video was bound to happen. And John Mayer said some weird stuff stuff about his wang in Playboy Magazine that was even worse in some ways than what Trump said about grabbing vaginas like he was Rocco Suffredi.

It shows the state of thinking in America right now. It’s a reflection. And right now an anti Jew movement is growing on the internet. Look up Jews on google and watch the hate roll in. It questions the act in the lyrics too. This video does not promote violence but instead shines a light on the present state of America.

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One of us is suffering from Poe’s forfeiture:

Poe’s Law is my specialty. I was first accused of that in 2012. And I was
like yup. I was pretending to be a Romney supporter on youtube. It was so
idiot that it was posdibly only funny to me. One time I bought
therealgeorgezimmerman dot org and that was a wild ride. I just bought
pizza-gate dot com to practice extreme Poeism. But whatever. It almost had
Obama in the video too. Im stoked Bobby made it in along with Brent.

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lol, that’ll be me then.

I like the poe-m.

Oh, really? I did not know that. Good thing then that we didn’t elect John Mayer for president!

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