Gamer star PewDiePie canned by Disney and YouTube after anti-semitic postings


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Either he is a closeted racist or is so incredibly stupid that he thought making racist jokes is somehow funny.

In both cases it’s better that they took away his soapbox.


I haven’t even seen a full pewdiepie video, it’s not my cup of tea. But I did read about this the other day. He hired two guys from fiver (sp) to do the short video or pic. I think they were from India but I am not 100%.

Later they put out the most cringy apology video in broken English, saying they didn’t really know what it meant. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, it was so horrible and awkward.


What is about youtube and idiots? I mean, probably nothing, there are thousand of people doing great content. But it seems that Youtube is like a honey trap for the kind of narcissist idiot that, when faced with a platform to deliver a message to millions, decides that acting like an absolute twat is the way to go.

Over here we have a series of scandals with them, the latest a cretin that uploaded a video of him asking for a pizza, then spraying mace on the poor pizza deliver guy when he arrived.

Because laughing at and abusing workers is fun and something to show to the world…


I love you, Rob.


But,but, what about freedom of speech?

I hope this will serve as a warning to other aspiring semi-bigots trying to monetize their influencership: THIS SHIT IS NOT OK.


Are there any “this is why Trump won” hot-takes yet?


My only exposure to Pewdiepie was when My Little Pony got so popular, which explains so much now.

Good riddance. He was never funny.


Is it me, or is YouTube the cable access of the internet?


I’ve never been a fan of his brand of humor as it’s always struck me as basically ‘tom green if he had YouTube.’ I mean the an no personal ill will though. I just recognize my dislike of the entertainment he offers.


The preconceived notion that Racists & Bigots are intelligent still baffles me.


The 2:00 mark… that ain’t at all apologizing… that’s signalling. Look at his eyes. The follow-up caption calls it correctly.


On a slightly related note, I noticed that PewDiePie kinda looks like the guy who played young Hitler in that History Channel mini series a few months ago


They allegedly supported their families with the money they earned from Fiverr. The pewdiepie debacle led to their account suspension. Cringy video:


But highly-performant content personae are all we demand, here in Trump’s America.


Wow. My question is, how did he manage to make it this far without doing something else quite so monumentally stupid?

I reckon the only conclusion is that he figures he’s gone far enough and actually wants out, and sought the most direct and vaguely-elegant means of escape. He did have that “I’ll delete my channel if I reach 50 million subscribers” thing a while ago; that’s got be a little demoralizing.


Not that I know of but I can’t help but think of this story from This American Life. There’s a part at the end where the interview subject defends some fairly hateful stuff as “just trolling.” And now I have to wonder at which point does it go from “just trolling” to “just racism?”


A lot of youtubery reminds me of this quote:

“A wise man speaks when he has something to say. A fool speaks when he has to say something.”

Though even that doesn’t explain the hordes who apparently want me to waste five minutes of my life listening to them say “Umm”.


Mostly they seem like the same thing to me from beginning to end. For something to be a satire, there has to be a twist in it where the subject being emulated becomes the subject being mocked - trolls just copy racist or sexist or otherwise obnoxious attitudes without any kind of “twist”. If someone just does what a racist does, well… you have to be a racist to want to do that, to my mind.