PewDiePie rescinds donation to Jewish group after fan outrage

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Well, that’s what happens when your fan-base is largely composed of Nazis. :man_shrugging:


I don’t understand how anyone can respect or tolerate this creature. It was obnoxious on day one, and it hasn’t changed.


If he was a true edge-lord he would piss off his fan-base and not rescind the donation.


“even if you say you’re only fucking goats ironically, you’re still a goatfucker.”

To which I now add a corollary: “And the goats are now your fans.”

Well, someone certainly has a high opinion of his goat-fucking technique.


Um, that last line should be “And the other goat-fuckers are now your fans.”

In that scenario, the goats are probably not fans just as victims of his racism aren’t fans. But other racists think he’s peachy!


Pewdiepie can’t have made anti-Semitic statements because the ADL supports the annexation of the Jordan Valley is your argument? Okie-dokie.


I mean, you pal around with nazis, that kind of indicates you might be at least ambivalent with their political agenda, if not somewhat supportive of it.


…the ADL blindly supports Zionism…

I’ll take “things an actual Jewish person is unlikely to say” for $600, Alex.


Noam Chomsky, who is Jewish, wrote in his 1989 book Necessary Illusions:

Please note, I am not saying this to defend PewDiePie or any other person, but I think it should be stated that there actually are Jewish people who are anti-ADL.


Well, to be fair. There are many kinds of Jewish people. The more conservative tend to be Zionists who don’t always view Palestinians in a positive light. Some are more liberal and see Zionism as an occupation, and hope one day Palestinians will have liberation. Some see the US as a symbolic Holy Land and are happy here. Some may not care at all. And there are hundreds of graying opinions in between and beyond. To give an example of how varied and stark in contrast Judaism is, some believe it’s not even necessary to believe in God. There are people who identify simply as cultural Jews.


Welcome, Jewish woman who created a new user account just to come to the rescue of a person whose fanbase is largely comprised of Nazi men!


We can do both. Both are relevant issues to discuss. Pewdewpie reaches millions of viewers, many younger viewers, and his downplaying of serious social issues signals to them that they are not serious issues, that it’s okay to throw around racist, sexist, or antisemetic language, and that nazis or supporters of white supremacy are just an ordinary, acceptable part of our discourse, which they are not. His endorsements have an impact of the lives of ordinary people. That’s not something to ignore or downplay, especially in our current climate, where white supremacists have a strong supporter in the white house.

So, how about NOT derailing this thread by trying to change the discussion to something else?


Ol’ Noam has made a second career out of saying"If it’s bad it’s the Jews and the Americans. If the Jews or Americans do it, it’s bad. Defend the Sovie, err Russian legitimate security needs."

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I’m a little confused. What does the spectrum of Jewish identity have to do with the reaction of PewDiePie’s antisemitic fan base to his donation or his eagerness to please them?

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My intent was to provide evidence that there is at least one Jew (Chomsky) who is against the ADL. That’s all. That’s why I wrote

“Any other person includes” Chomsky.

Anyway, when it comes to debates about Chomsky, I’m more interested in talking about Universal Grammar.

I must critique one element of your interpretation of his second career: your use of the word “Jews”; Chomsky is critical of the government of Israel, not Jewish people in general.


Irrelevant to this discussion.

The topic at hand is a man who made antisemitic comments, offered to show contrition for said comments by donating money to an organization that fights antisemitism, then revoked said offer at the behest of his antisemitic fan base.


I agree, but I was responding to a post that made the claim “no true Jew is anti-ADL”. I guess I could have just flagged that post?


More like “a real Jewish person would be unlikely to use this situation as a reason to praise PewPieDie while slamming the ADL.”


We are well aware of all this. You need to stop derailing, or you will be flagged. The topic is not political views of Jewish folks, it’s Pewdiepie’s problematic support of anti-Semitic youtube channels, his contribution to the ADL, and then rescinding it when some of his fans throw a fit over it.


Yep, this. I chose my words carefully. And in particular, went with “unlikely to say” rather than “would never say”.