PewDiePie rescinds donation to Jewish group after fan outrage

Ok, my bad. Sorry. @ElQuesero, the quote you chose from @Nina_1’s post didn’t say anything about PewDiePie, so I assumed your claim had nothing to do with him, and was specifically attacking her for saying that the ADL blindly supports Zionism. But as I understand it now, you were questioning her credibility because she was defending PewDiePie. Sorry to cause derailing, that was not my intent. I’m currently represented in congress by Ilhan Omar, and it drives me crazy that people say she’s anti-Semitic because she’s critical of Israel, so I’m kind of easily triggered by this stuff right now.


Right. An analogous situation would be

  • YouTuber uses the N-word
  • YouTuber offers to donate money to NAACP in way of apology
  • YouTuber’s racist fan base reacts angrily to this proposal
  • YouTuber retracts offered donation

Now, it would be factually accurate to argue that there are black Americans who have legitimate criticisms about some aspects of the NAACP. But that would be largely beside the point in such a situation.


Understood, apology accepted, and I never thought your comments were coming from a bad place or were failing to advance the dialogue. Carry on!


Now there is one really creepy looking guy. Was he born on the set of the Addams family?

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This objection at least makes sense in the broader meaning of social media as a inappropriately-privatised, co-opted public sphere, but … he’s not even being directly criticized here, just the goats he fucks.


That is probably the stupidest interpretation of Chomsky I’ve read in some time, but right there with lots of other critiques I’ve read.

I’m not much of a fan of Chomsky, but I also don’t like ignorant bullshit. Critics of Chomsky rarely analyse and rebut his arguments; rather they equate him with being a communist or a Soviet apologist. It’s plain stupid, He was/is neither. Some of his body of work is thought provoking, some seems ridiculous in hindsight. One thing he was/is not is someone to be pigeonholed into being a Soviet dupe+anti-American propagandist.

Your comment is a knee-jerk reaction to what you’ve read about the man and not based on anything he’s stated or written.


Indeed Chomsky has been harshly critical of the USSR and his talk about the Bolshevik coup and the convenience of labeling the resulting dungeon state “socialist” and “communist” is well worth a listen.


See also:


That’s of course why he wore a shirt resembling an Iron Cross while making the announcement… Yep his deep concern with censorship and not a rather blatant dog whistle to some of his fans. And before anyone points out that it is actually a Georgian fashion line, we’ve all heard and it doesn’t matter.


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So if I make a criticism of “PewDiePie,” I’m censoring him?

Cool beans.


I’m going to wait to see what charity he donates his $50,000 to instead before weighing in on this one.

(for clarity - I doubt that this particular $50K is going anywhere)


This is the first time Arose_tree has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Let’s Not!


See also:


Not stupid
Merely sadly and increasingly accurate as his intellectual decay progresses.

From a TV? Or movie?

No, because the Addams Family wasn’t full of anti-semetic, racist, sexist assholes. They are in fact, the good guys, and pewdiepie is much more like mainstream America that they refuse to be a part of.


Someone on boingboing is seriously throwing Chomsky under the bus and implying he’s in league with Russia? WTF? In this Bizarro World we live in, even a guy who used to go head to head with Buckley is now suddenly presented for the Purge?


No, he hasn’t.


Okay, that’s about five or so flags in one post, but maybe that’s just me.

Assuming good faith on your behalf, may I direct you to this thread:

And, of course, welcome to the BBS, comrade.