"Life in the Woods" mod turns minecraft into beautiful survival sim


I dunno. The title is misleading, because about 80% of this mod is installing a shader (I suggest the SonicEther ones, btw) and Optifine mod, neither of which is included, or are a “single click and magic happens” proposition. I’m not saying it’s difficult to accomplish, but the vast majority of people who play Minecraft already can experience a goodly portion of this mod’s selling features without actually using it.

Here’s a quick link to an install guide for the shader mod:

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I don’t really get it - the video was posted back in March, but almost everything in the modpack became obsolete when 1.7 came out back in 2013.

Really pretty video. Most of the beauty is from Biomes-o-Plenty, which I don’t think works any more.

So based on that video, the mod is nothing but walking through forests and slow pans of someone’s kitchen?

If they’re trying to interest me in playing their mod, they did a really bad job of it.

So much negativity in these comments. :frowning: I don’t use a shader or optifine for LITW, so that certainly isn’t the bulk of the mod, unlike one person said. The addition of tons of new biomes and a massive expansion of the agriculture system is what’s fun for me. One big thing vanilla Minecraft lacks is that there just isn’t much to explore once you’ve played the game some - it all gets to be very samey quickly. Whereas in LITW, I get a lot of enjoyment from just traveling and seeing all the new sights. With so many new biomes, it doesn’t seem to ever get old - and you really have to stay on top of your food situation, which adds an interesting twist to the game.


In peaceful mode, I assume?

Am I wrong? Is this modpack only for 1.6? Because the 1.7 landscape has about half of that stuff - but not the sakura trees.

Sure, the visuals aren’t the bulk of the mod, but that’s what’s being shown in the video.

There’s not a whole lot in the way of explanation of what the other features are, though if you’re playing the most updated version (1.7.10 I believe) then you’ve got most of this already. Crafting has always been a part of the game, hunger has been a feature for quite awhile, and you can always disable monster spawning and keep the animals around.

I guess my gripe is that this “mod” is being touted as something transformative, but requires an outdated version of the game and “recommends” 2 other modifications which aren’t even mentioned until the bottom of the page. It’s misleading to think “Oh, this mod makes the game look AWESOME” when in fact the shaders are what make the game look awesome.

Heck no, peaceful mode is extremely boring. There’s nothing quite like finding yourself stranded at night in an unfamiliar location and either having to set up a temporary shelter, or staying out all night slaying hordes of mobs. I know some people like peaceful, but it’s definitely not for me.

Yes, I know crafting is a core part of the game and that hunger has been around for quite a while. It’s not that LITW added these things, just that they made them more complex and interesting. And who said anything about disabling hostile mob spawning?

I admit that perhaps the video doesn’t do a very good job of showing what this modpack is about. As I said, I don’t play this with shaders or optifine. For me it’s about the new biomes, new foods and agriculture and tons of new building materials, fun additions like the carpentry mod that lets those inclined to build make some really detailed and amazing things, and other features that really add some nice detail and depth to the base game, which for many of us has gotten pretty stale.

I like Life in the Woods, but am more of a Feed the Beast fan myself. I just love my machines.

Most mod packs of size seem to rely on earlier versions of minecraft. FTB is only now working on 1.7.x mods, if I recall correctly.

There’s definitely something to be said about being able to explore new biomes, and have new building materials to play with.

If you’ve never done a mod pack before, and are interested in FTB, Agrarian Skies is a great one. I introduced my spouse to FTB that way.

The world of mods is huge. The world of mod videos on youtube is insane. Most are for older versions.
This video was missing some not well pronounced narration by a 12 year old boy.

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I went to the forum, and to my surprise there are about 100 mods compatible with 1.7.2 and up. LITW isn’t on the list, but many of its components are. I was also surprised they all require Forge, I thought it was now part of vanilla Minecraft.

And now 1.8 is on the horizon to screw up all your mods.

It would look that way to somebody who doesn’t play Minecraft, but the kitchen was full of non-standard stuff, and the landscapes were very different.

I actually left the FTB launcher to play with some of the mods updated for 1.7.

I’m actually looking forward to 1.8 because the upgrades in the backend might make it easier for my husband to play with his outdated computer. The snapshots work better than 1.7 right now for him.

On the other hand, the article description says this is more focused on wilderness survival, and the video also doesn’t give any real sense that that is the case.

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