LIFE revisits 1950s "fad" for Confederate flags

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It’s always amazing to see how fit people were not that long ago.


It was all the flag wavin’ that was the style back then…

Not to mention the fact that they walked to school (uphill both ways)

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In the snow!

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The ancient Spartans practiced strict physical fitness lifestyles. You gotta stay in shape if you’re gonna keep a population that outnumbers you under your boot/sandal heel. #sarcasm

So basically the whole first world is doomed by double-bacon corndogs.

The “fad” is explained rather easily in the Atlantic article linked to in another one of these threads (maybe by @Mindysan33 or @milliefink?):

What This Cruel War Was Over

Since the Supreme Court decision of May 17, 1954, reversed what had been the Supreme Law of the land for 75 years and declared unconstitutional the laws of 17 states under which segregated school systems were established, the thinking people have been aroused from their lethargy in respect to State’s Rights.

It wasn’t a fad, it was everything that lead up to Brown vs. the Board of Education.


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