Boo at the Confederate flag til it burns. It'll probably make you feel better

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From the post:

Confederate flag sales have since soared on Amazon.

From 3 days ago:

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Is that like how caravan prices soared when Top Gear were destroying them on their show?

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Am i missing something or does this article have 62 links that don’t go to the BooFlag thing?

Nope, you’'re not missing anything.
62 links. No link to the actual story.

Wallmart’s stopped selling flag-bearing merchandise. Guns are, of course, still up for grabs.

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“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”…and complete fucking idiots obsess about flags.

— Michael Kriege

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I didn’t say that thing you quoted. Please check again.

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is a quote about people
–Not Snoop Dog


Sorry, I just quoted your quote, I didn’t see it in the article first time. I’ve corrected it.

It’s probably because of hayfever and the antihistamines and pseudoephedrine I’m on to manage it.


I figured. The discourse platform has a couple ‘features’ like that. No offense taken, obviously. :slight_smile:

I too have updated my post, so that what I was saying is more obvious. My bad, really.

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The speed at which this is happening is baffling to me. I can’t say I’m terribly bothered by it. (Although in my experience there are more than a few people who are being honest when they say “heritage, not hate”–I think they’re naive, but I believe that they’re genuinely not racists.) But it’s hard to believe that a single Confederate flag flying over a war memorial near the South Carolina State House (not at the State House itself, as was widely reported, and the flag in question had no pulley and wasn’t designed to be run up and down) would be the thing to set off a near-instant nationwide business backlash, when decades of protests and vitriol weren’t enough.

I’m not defending the silly thing, and you don’t need to remind me about the people who were killed or the politics of the scumbag who did it. It’s just…weird that it’s happening this way.

I think it’s about time. The cultural discourse has been ripening on the vine for the last couple of years as more and more footage of cops slaughtering unarmed black people have been going viral. Eventually the scale’s gotta tip in the other direction.

Plus there was that totally excellent flick from last year, Selma, which might’ve helped tip the balance… watched it last night. Brilliant.

As for the good ole boy flag, I’m surprised I had to do a deliberate image search to see this for the first time:

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That photo! Oy! It’s like ebola raped AIDS and nine months later that came out.

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At least it’s more honest about what it represents…

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  • A flag is the symbolic representation of an idea.
  • An individual who obsesses about flags is a person.

I do believe you’ve missed the point of your own quote twice over in one short post.

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