Confederate flag sales soar on Amazon


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truly race-ing off the shelves.



'Merka, fuck yeah.



There are no proposed bans anywhere in the US. South Carolina is debating removing it from official buildings. Wal-Mart is refusing to sell them. Nobody is banning them,

Sloppy use of the word makes everyone dumber.


But it does cause sales booms.


Sales of White Ford Broncos peaked after O.J. Simpson’s televised slow-speed chase following the double murder of his ex-wife and her partner. AR-15 sales skyrocketed after some psycho used one to massacre a bunch of little children. Now a bunch of people wants to decorate their apartments like the bigot who murdered a bunch of people at a church.

Some people seem to respond to really fucked up product placement.


They’re showing their patriotism by flying rebel flags.

What a shock it was to see that ‘people often bought’ Don’t Tread on Me flags along with these ones?


Huh. You can’t click on those flags anymore, there are no prices and some seem to have lost their descriptions. It kind of looks like Amazon is taking them down.


They just need to find a new rebel flag then. I recommend this one

Just don’t get it in yellow.


According to Bloomberg, they’re coming down.


Oh the mouth breathers on are going to be pissed*.

* Sometimes I like to visit’s comment listings to remind myself that there are truly horrible, horrible people in the world


A rainbow makes a great rebel flag, except you’re not rebelling against freedom.


If I lived in the South next to someone flying the rebel flag, I might consider this one:

But I feel like the blue cross should be replaced with black leather straps in the physical version.


How are the sales of the Hindu good luck symbol doing?


But what will I wave now when I rock out to Sweet Home Alabama?


so, we dislike something… we ‘ban’ it, we limit choice.

Yep, totally what our country was founded on.

Like or dislike, - when your choice is limited, so is your freedom.


What about the freedom to choose what kinds of products your business sells?

The government isn’t telling Amazon to stop selling those flags, they made that decision on their own.


You have a weird understanding of what freedom means. Amazon decided not to sell these. Do you support their freedom to make that decision?


If you just must have one and can’t find one for sale, make one yourself. Not illegal to own one or display it. And it helps your neighbors know who to avoid.