Lifeguard flies rainbow flag, idiotic complaints follow


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Only . . . rescue . . . gay people? How would that even work?

“Help, help, blurble blurb.”
"I don’t know . . . you don’t really look fabulous . . . "
“I’m on the downlow. burble blurb glurp.”
“Well, close enough . . . I guess.”


Maybe if they just stick with smooth, fit guys in speedos.


I’m doomed! I’m a hairy, pale, flabby guy in board shorts.


Let’s hope they see it as a bear rescue. :bear:


What is there to explain? Were the tourists concerned they had stumbled onto a gay-only beach?

It’s a rainbow, people. All the colors are side-by-side for a reason.


Time to petition the US Lifesaving Association to endorse a rainbow flag?
Beach conditions are fabulous!


Parade Advisory, Incredible Night Scene…


“We’ve got a drowner. He’s in pretty good shape… earring… are those eyebrows waxed? I think we’ve got a Gay. Someone call Zach, he’s had training to deal with this.”


Everyone except bigots, obviously.


Dear North Carolina:

Love, God.

[Oh, and…

Greetings from sunny, fabulous Southern California!]


Or how quickly they go down?

okay, that was one too many…


Singing while drowning might be a bit hard, maybe do the ymca?


I don’t know why people were upset. The rainbow flag only represents Southern heritage after all!
(Or is arbitrarily redefining the meaning of a flag only for South Carolina?)


It doesn’t apply to people who deliberately make themselves unwelcome.


I could see a problem with possible confusion with other kinds of flag signals, if used on the same signalling pole.

Otherwise, why not.



Meanwhile, lesbians are left to drown.


They have Adrienne Rich to save them.

First the air is blue and then
it is bluer and then green and then
black I am blacking out and yet
my mask is powerful
it pumps my blood with power
the sea is another story
the sea is not a question of power
I have to learn alone
to turn my body without force
in the deep element.


Wait, so does this mean that lifeguards with a lifeguard flag only rescue other lifeguards?