Lifehacker fact-checked Reddit’s favorite mindblowing facts of all time, and most were correct

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This one makes me shudder and wonder WHYYYYYyyyyy.

“Entomologists who study cockroaches often become allergic to them. At the same time, they become allergic to most brands of pre-ground coffee.”—crotchblinder [confirmed, confirmed]


I’m surprised that my favorite “mindblowing fact” wasn’t listed – namely that Cleopatra lived closer in time to the moon landing (or WWII, or the Internet, or whatever relatively recent event you prefer) than she did to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


How are these “life-hackers”? Was expecting to see this guy…


“People in the southern hemisphere see the moon upside down compared to the north.”—Auxilae [when you look at this illustration it’s obvious]

Wrong – People in the northern hemisphere see the moon upside down compared to the south.


Unfortunately Buzzfeed fact-checked Lifehacker and found that most were bullshit. We’re waiting for Uproxx to weigh in and straighten this all out.


The Mall of America doesn’t have central heating in the conventional sense. Along with waste-heat from people and fixtures, there is enough solar gain from the huge glass roofs to warm the central common areas of the complex even in coldest winter, and enough thermal mass in the areas under the glass to moderate the temperature so that the air-conditioning can keep up when things get too warm.
Individual stores have their own heating systems, and there is heat supplied to entrances, staircases, and basement areas.


But no one mentions that it moves across the sky backwards.


lifehack: there’s no need to put your glass of vodka inside your shoe if you drink straight from the bottle.


Also, contrary to dinosaur movies, you are 65 million years away from seeing the T Rex. While ole’ T Rex was 100 million years away from a stegosaurus. Dinosaurs were a thing for a very long time.


Having visited the entomology lab of one of our prominent agricultural universities, and seen the interesting varieties of cockroach (including the hissing kind) I would have been glad of a warning, should I have considered the subject for grad studies. :thinking:

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Shoes? Where did I put them?

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The confirming article reveals a far more mindblowing fact: the first scientific binomial ever applied to a dinosaur was Scrotum humanum. This is the fossil concerned:


And consequently, nobody ever talks about the man in the moon necessarily having his back field in motion at all times.


“Kale, collard greens, Chinese broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts and broccoli are all the same plant [species]; brassica oleracea. They are just different cultivars.”—cokecakeisawesome [confirmed]


Please follow the Code: all your cabbages except Napa are the same plant species, Brassica oleracea. The genus is capitalised, and it is italicised. Also, while technically most of them are cultivars, they are taxonomically ranked as varieties, which is quite exceptional.

Additional fun fact: to the best of my knowledge, Brassica oleracea is the only crop plant species which occurs in a undoubtedly natural autochthonous population within the borders of Germany. All other crops do not occur naturally in Germany, i.e. they are foreign. That means everything you would normally cultivate for food is an alien in Germany. And it gets even better: Brassica oleracea only occurs on Helgoland naturally.

I, for one, found that much more mind-blowing than the fact that Broccoli and Kale are the same species.



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Is it weird that the thing that bothered me most about that very mediocre Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur (in which humans and dinosaurs co-exist) was the rancher T-Rex character making a passing reference to an encounter he had with an “outlaw Stego?”

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May I ask what you mean by “Um”?
I sense the danger to do biologist-mansplaining here, but I genuinely think people should think about other animals’ constraints while mating. I find this rather cool.

Also, the most interesting dick pics I’ve ever seen where of balean whales and and elephants.

Maybe TMI for some people, but my advice would be: just look at it! It may change your mind about human mating behaviour as well…

I mean, I have no words for that.

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Personally I’m about 6 days from seeing T Rex’s closest living relative on my plate. There’s something almost poetic about chickens being the closest living relative to what is typically depicted as such a fearsome predator, literally named the king of its kind.

In 65 million years, will sapient roachkind dine on humanity’s unfortunate but delicious and nutritious descendants?

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