Weird true facts that sound false




The initial "Reddit link" is not.


Neutrino capture cross section estimate is truthy at best.


I was doing ok until I reached the thread on elephant milking.

Warning: Do not click on embedded YouTube link!


My favorite has long been that Cleopatra lived closer in time to the first manned moon landing than she did to when the Great Pyramid was built.


Indeed, Now I can't even make eye contact with my elephant. Awkward.


We are as far in time from the soldiers of WW1 as they were from the soldiers of the Napoleonic wars.


We are now farther in time from the film Gone With the Wind than the film was from the time period it depicts.


You know -- I really thought it was going to be about milk.


My birth is four years closer to the release of Gone With The Wind than it is to the present day.



Next year the 'present' of Back to the Future will be as far away from us as 1955 was then.

And we still don't have hover boards.


Simpsons episode #122, date aired March 19th 1995. Notice the poster.

Still Rolling with up coming tours all around the globe.


My favorite: You probably have an above average number of arms.


I share 100% of my DNA with a banana on an all too frequent basis.


You haaaaaad to go there. AFTER the elephant "milking" video no less.



Update: Think of the children!


In which Pat Robertson sides with Bill Nye - Boing Boing


The Eiffel Tower fact I would have called bullshit on...but so it goes.

"Mammoths were alive when the Great Pyramid was being built." I guess I knew that, with Wrangel Island and all...but cool to consider.

So...your Time Machine awaits. 12 hours is all you get. Would you choose the Pyramid...or the Mammoths? smelly. shouting. Mammoths...cold. smelly. bellowing. No beer on the tundra. But...mammoth fights, cute baby mammoths...?

At first I thought, Ancient Egypt...naturally: witness the mighty construction site, walk the streets and look at the people. Mammoths, just furry elephants...meh. And I hate the cold.

But upon further consideration: even interesting, ancient people...are still people. I see 'interesting' people every day. So, for myself...I'm picking the mammoths: provided I can go on a warm Spring day and pack a lunch.


Well, keep in mind that ancient beer was really nothing like what you drink today; hops weren't added until sometime in the Middle Ages, for example, and more importantly, germ theory hadn't been developed so the wort could end up being contaminated by any number of things. (There have been a surprising number of laws throughout the ages banning the selling of skunky beer.) The guy who finally figured out what spoiled beer and wine? Louis Pasteur, before he applied his germ theory to milk and diseases.


Also, it kind of blows my mind that when I was a kid, I knew World War II veterans who were the same age that I am today.