Lifehacks from a longevity expert who just died at age 105

Based on that list I might surpass him!

Agreed, though I recall a PBS Nova episode on longevity and one of the beneficial factors was family and social life
where the person may have had children or grandchildren nearby to look after them. This is surely changing in Japan too with an aging population and younger generations staying single and avoiding marriage. This trend seems to be in the news with the Canadian Census revealing that there is a growing population living alone, more couples choosing to be childless etc… I believe the US is experiencing the same trend.


I think he died a good 20 years ago but just has yet to quit moving.


Very good point. People with good reason to live tend to live longer.

And airports.
Do Not Laugh & Joke in the Airport is second on my list of traveling tips. (1st is 3-1-1 is Serious Business.)

Otherwise, have fun whenever possible.

“Do not give lip anywhere they can detain you for lengthy periods of time” tends to appear a lot on hitchhiking wikis

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I would be surprised and incredibly disappointed to learn that this man ever used the term ‘lifehack’.

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Yes, new words are so awful. Why can’t languages just stay the same? /s

I agree with the sentiment of your statement, but just don’t feel that the word “lifehack” brings anything to the language not already at least equally well expressed by existing words. To me, it intimates an air of importance to what follows that is generally not justified.

Still, being a fair-minded Benevolent Dictator, I shall allow its use.

Now get off my lawn.


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