Light turnout for Trump inauguration

False equivalencies, all.


You clearly don’t have to live in a world where your skin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political beliefs make you a target. That’s great for you. Not all of us have the privilege.


I have given my logic. Linking articles where “any punch is an intent to kill” is the rhetoric or where a Nazi being interviewed on TV is equated with randomly on the street isn’t explaining why absolute pacifism is necessary. Using Griswold’s rhetoric sport fighting or contact sports in general are gladiatorial deathmatches. Using Cohen’s logic it is impossible for a priveledged educated man to abuse the protections granted to him because there are institutions to prevent the platform from gaining a foothold. And Spencer is abusing his right to free speech by encouraging legal harassment online and legal distribution of lies and horseshit online in order to raise his agenda’s platform while in the traditional world he is using social norms as armor to be interviewed in depth by media outlets (including Vice) when a few years ago - before the online harassment campaigns - he did not have the political power to do so.


Not really on topic, but it’s funny.


Meanwhile, the rest of us don’t have a choice on inhabiting the world in which the alt-right is advocating for our removal from it.


Interesting. This appears to show a much larger crowd than the viral comparison picture.

(Also really fun to zoom in on folks.)


There is still a lot of empty space hidden by the view angle. Not as much as the overhead photo for sure but not packed like the Obama pic.
Also the full Obama pic goes back twice as far as the Trump pic.


Oh, I agree. Still, considerably fuller than the viral image. Also if you look to the right there are a lot of people on the sides.

As big as Obama’s? No.
As small as the viral comparison? No.
Biggest inauguration evar as described by Spencer? No.

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Also interesting. This guy tries to refute the viral image, which mostly works, but then he completely fabricates some of his evidence.

He states that the giant image shows the crowd stretching “all the way back to the base of the Washington Monument” which is “1.5 miles” away. I just Google Earthed it and the Memorial is only a mile away from the podium. Furthermore the picture only shows up to the white temporary building. That’s only .76 of a mile.

So if you’re trying to refute falsehoods with more falsehoods, where the hell does that leave us?



OK. The more I compare both images, I do see the same gaps in both. Just the perspective changes a lot when viewed from near-ground level.


You can also count the sections, and see that the picture only goes back to about the point where the “viral” image shows the crowd petering out. It’s entirely possible that the sparse groups of people that can be seen in the earlier photos in the sections further back were able to move in closer to fill in space.

In either event, there’s been a clear statement of the time of day of both pictures in the original comparison photo. Haven’t found the timestamp for the gigapixel image yet, so a good comparison is difficult…

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You know what. I reverse my skepticism. All the gaps are accounted for. We also know the timing of the giant CNN pic because it clearly shows Trump on the mic.

(Here’s the best I could do with only MS Paint at work.)

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Levi was amazing.



Like, a deadset ISIL supporter? Fuck yeah it is. Some shouty wanker with a Quran and a lack of focus on certain bits of it? Nope.

In terms of advocating for genocide and then carrying out that genocide, Daesh-holes are a really good example of the sort of people who frankly, need punching and have a huge amount in common with Nazis. The main difference between those assholes and Nazi assholes is that one would be investigated and jailed before they even got to do their equivalent of Heiling and Hittling down the street.


I think it does look like there are a bit more at the time of the gigapixel image, but you’re right, there are gaps in there that could match up. Good eye.

Always good to be skeptical of our own skepticism! It’s a shame the newer image is on such a low angle, it looks like almost the same location as the other shots Trump has pointed to in order to “disprove” the high-angle shot.

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Holy fucksocks; I think I just may fluv you for that one.


As I posted yesterday:

#Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.

But if someone decides that they DO want to start something, then my response is NOT to “turn the other cheek”; that shit didn’t work out so well for MLK, and I have no intentions of being a martyr.



Just noticed that there seems to be a rightward bias (color me surprised) in the Drumpf crowd distribution, so the split frame comparison actually benefits Herr Drumpf.