"Limited" nuclear exchange, you say?

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No, thank you, not one bit.


MAD only works if the horror of such war makes it inconceivable. It is now conceivable I guess? I will repeat myself. Fuck.


This is nothing new as such, at best a new-ish variation.
A “limited nuclear exchange” (my all-time favourite euphemism), especially with tactical weapons, has been a part of NATO doctrine for decades. At least for the European decade theatre.
I spent the better part of 1985 guarding tactical nukes, grenades that would have been fired by field artillery, and training getting them out of storage and to the firing sites.
The standard red-vs-blue scenario was more or less “5,000 tanks start rolling west and cross the FDR/GDR border, and have to be stopped/delayed by nuking them a bit. Sorry about the inconvenience”.
The Warsaw Pact’s doctrine incorporated this basically by stipulating “first wave of troops must reach the North Sea within a week, tops - any longer and they will be unfit to fight due to radiation sickness”.

Edit: correction.


More dick wagging.

I’m more afraid that el dumbass will try and nuke the Wuhan Flu as it gets closer to one of his golf clubs.


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