Lioness overjoyed to reunite with her former human companion


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affection? Looks like she is tenderizing him to me.


All the other cats are thinking, “Oh, it’s feeding time!”


This is me coming home every day, except with two dogs.


That’s very affectionate chewing.


Former human? What is he now, an android?


Just one reason why I am often thankful that housecats are not lion-sized. I am frequently amazed how much force they can direct with their 12-pound bodies as-is.


Reason #962 to not own a cat: They always think it’s feeding time.
Reason #963: They think YOU are food!

(There are 12,492 reasons…and counting)


Granted, my housecat does gently give me a bite if she thinks I’m not hurrying along quickly enough with her food; usually on my calf. Like, “You’re next”?


That’s just love.


Be fair and balanced, show videos when lion hugs go wrong (much more fun & educational to watch).


Negative. He is a meat popsicle.


nope nope nope


Funny how similar housecats and big cats behave. One of our cats does the exact same “grab and maul head” thing when she’s happy to see us.

I would imagine it’s slightly more terrifying when a 250 lb cat does it, versus our 15 lb cat.


Seems like a very thin line between being overwhelmingly greeted with affection, and being mauled.

Either way, the lion is way too strong to be deterred.


after she ate away most of his face, a cyborg.


I think this is the original video:


Original video:


She is such a beautiful animal, though.


This is what my tabby does, either on the shoulder when I’m lying down, or on my calf when I’m standing erect.