List: 100+ times law enforcement violently assaulted journalists in US at George Floyd protests

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“When I started this thread, I thought there would maybe be 7 or 8 examples. Instead what I have seen is a serious disregard for the free press by law enforcement.”

Part of me is leaning toward: GOOD.

If they were treating the press as they should be treating the press, by not attacking them in addition to the protesters, then the insanity might have been downplayed by the press.

Since their skin is in the game, instead of on the sidelines as they are accustomed, and they nominally have a voice (depending on what they are allowed by their corporate masters to broadcast) maybe it’ll help people who aren’t paying attention to start paying attention.

If nothing else, it’s serving to further document the extreme levels of abuse on display, and we can hope there will be a reckoning at some point. I’m still seeing more people than I like blaming the victims.


Very Fine People on all sides!


Further along that same vein, right- and left-leaning news orgs look the same out there, so the likelihood that those who are usually pro- this sort of police brutality may be forced to examine their mindset in the light of day as a result.


I was going to ask if any Fox reporters have experienced the joy of being targeted yet, but I feel like they are staying way back as much as possible. They may have been clued in, or are aware of the monsters they’ve helped create.


(Source, I think.)


I think that there is a difference in how some news crews look. I am fairly certain FOX, OAN, and other right wing media outlets tend to be a overall a bit pastier than CNN, CBS, etc,


I actually personally challenge that assumption, given the propensity to hire “diverse” public talent. I say this a someone who’s day job involves working for the single largest employer of news crew in the US. :slight_smile:


maybe…MAYBE. But I still believe the overall majority of staff at say OAN is incredibly singular in their skin tone.

Sure, but IMHO what’s happening here with journalists, especially with reports of shots fired at camera lenses, is camera discrimination more than racial. YMMV though. But this is clearly too many incidents to be mere coincidence.


The cops are going after everyone who is obviously press, though. Some Australian reporters got attacked (live, on the air) in Washington DC, and now the Australian government is demanding an investigation…


It’s almost like the chief executive of the branch of government responsible for enforcing the law constantly calling journalists “enemies of the people” eventually ends up having consequences in downstream law enforcement.

Yes. With conservative outlets it’s usually tokenism, but either way the on-air talent in corporate media hasn’t been exclusively white since the early 1970s.


Maybe they would get shot at less if they decided to stop being the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!


Local reporter went to Minnesota, this happened:

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