List of Anime set in all 47 prefectures in Japan

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I started watching the new anime “Overtake!” because it’s about motorsports. The first episode takes place at Fuji Speedway, and I can tell you from having been there (including on the grid of an F3 race minutes before it started) that the anime version is an extremely faithful representation.

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Neat idea. It made me wonder if there’s an equivalent list for films representing the 50 states of the US. That was a quick search: 50 films that represent life in America's 50 states
I doubt we could make a satisfactory list using animation, though.

When the only anime they could find set in Gunma prefecture is about trying to dispel the stereotypes of rural Gunma prefecture…

So happy! Flying Witch was in the lineup (absolutely love the manga and anime), and Aomori is an awesome prefecture. :smiling_face:

They didn’t have anything for Delaware. Aubrey Plaza needs to do something set in her home state for her magnum opus!


There are films to choose from, but what’s truly representative of the state?

Wrestling The Survival Of The Undead, intercut with So You Want To Start A Delaware Corporation? (maybe in a sort of fight with Wyoming, ways?)

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