List of bands banned on Soviet radio, and why. Agreed on Julio Iglesias


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I lost it at
Village People - Violence



Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People.


that’s… disturbing

Yeah, is there a side to the Village People with which I’m not familiar? Were they objecting to “In the Navy”? Or was there an assumption that cowboys and indians (or perhaps construction workers and cops) could never coexist peacefully?

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Unlike the Beatles totally up-front praise of the Ukraine girls in the USSR, I can’t say I remember Tolkinkhedz ever mentioning the Soviet Union. But I suppose they were an arts band and maybe it was encoded in some lyrical semiotic.

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despite my long memory of bands and music, i confess i haven’t heard of some of these bands. i mean, Perron? Bokanon? Klesh? The Sticks? Originals? on and on. who are these people, jeez!

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I wonder how they distinguished sex from eroticism. What Talking Heads song did they object to? Life During Wartime, maybe? I completely understand banning the B-52s, though, just on the basis of the bandname.

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Rob blocked two entries with his giant, fully opaque red line. :frowning:

The one above is “Van Halen - Anti-Soviet Propaganda”

Original site?

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I guess they never heard of the hair-do!

And banning Tina Turner? That is sacrilege!


She IS simply the best…


My guess is many of these are European bands that never made it in the US.

ETA - or misspelling of other band names.

underneath might be Yazoo, tagged as punk and violence… another wtf.

I love that punk is, in and of itself, a reason for censorship. Violence, sadism, those are concepts I can understand banning. Eroticism, well, you just can’t have too much of that stuff IMO.

But punk is just a sensibility, a musical style. It’s like banning chamber music (a much better choice) because chamber music.


It is the greatest genre ever created just because it is literally a battle cry…

Donna Summer evinced an unacceptable level of eroticism?

Yeah…the song “love to love you baby” was banned from some US radio stations.

Take a listen…she basically does orgasms through most of the song.

EDIT: There was a longer version that has more orgasm stuff than the one I posted. Search and Enjoy.

Beating a bat with a baseball bat: Not Violent

“Punk” as a watered-down style trend is not what it was intended to be. (Today’s politicians aren’t what the founders of their parties intended either.) Punks on both sides of the pond have taken open and aggressive political stances since the 1970s. Politically, punk rock typically espouses leftist political ideals (there are sub genres that are extreme right), and that’s that’s exactly what the highly conservative and tied-to-a-really-old-church Putin wants to avoid. So, it’s not surprising that he’s omitting that music as a class.

Here’s Wikipedia’s list of political punk songs, and it’s a great place to get a better idea of what the term “punk” actually means when you’re talking about a social, musically-based youth movement and not clothing lines. Just take a look at a few titles, like Question Authority, Police Crimes or I Won’t Subscribe to get a taste of why a leader with totalitarian intent might want the message blocked.

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I’'m guessing they couldn’t take the kitsch of Genghis Khan’s “Moscow”.