Listen: I Can't Keep Quiet, an anthem for the Women's March


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Keeping quite is no longer an option. Speak up and speak loud.



There were allot of spontaneous anthems in and around the DC Mall Saturday but that was definitely one of the better ones. Kudos.

A rendition of the National Anthem by some at one point was moving.


Here’s something us ladies can work on:


In Trump’s America, the men make the decisions about our bodies… /s


That was amazing and uplifting. Thank you for sharing :+1:



If women unite to bring a vision of the world that is 1/10th as beautiful as this we will be just fine.


Awesome! Both the number and the performance.

(That’s a lot more than have watched her official video for the song.)


what a wonderful time to be a women!! Please show more of our power and send your pink pussy hats to the Whitehouse!!..
this beautiful song is truly ‘our’ anthem…so heart touching…thank you all for sharing…


Actually, as a man, I quite understand that I may not be completely equipped to speak with authority on whether abortion should remain legal and available without restrictions…

I’d be quite willing to abide by the results of a national referendum on the subject, in which only women were eligible to participate.

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