LISTEN: The Ramones’ demo recordings for their debut album (1975)



"reveals the surprising amount of dilution that the first record’s
somewhat conceptual mix wrought upon the quartet’s fundamental power.”

I’m not sure I buy that. They sound a little different than the LP, they don’t necessarily sound diluted. I guess if tape distortion and hiss are your thing then the demos are somehow better. The “conceptual mix” was as much the band’s idea as producer Craig Leon, so it’s not like some highbrow concept that was forced on them, and it works as intended: minimal 60’s garage rock sound.

fucking gold :metal:

Spoken like a true audiophile, eh?

anyone who’s ever heard a garage recording of themselves or friends, this is usually the sound - not the songs themselves but a completely blown out sound, especially the guitar (try it with your iPhone voice app, its not too far off!) - i’m sure what they were playing live actually sounded a lot more like the finished album than this recording


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