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I haven’t thought of this one for a while, but your post jogged the last few remaining brain cells into memory.
When I was living in Australia in the early 70s, I fell in with a bunch of like minded psychedelic voyagers. We would sneak and wander out in to cow pastures in the pre dawn hours harvesting shopping bags full of blue veined mushies, and then find an event or locale best suited for that experience.
One time we all headed to the rainforests of Queensland near Brisbane and settled in for a nice afternoon.
Sitting there and communing with ol’ Mother Earth, I couldn’t help but notice a continuing weird groaning sound all around us. It wasn’t scarey, but it was also a sound I had no recollection of having heard before.
I asked one of my cohorts, a local, what I was I was hearing.
Turns out the conditions are so great for growing wild bamboo that the stuff grows by inches daily. It was the sound of all that bamboo growing and stretching.
After that I never took the sound of a forest for granted ever again. It may sounds kinda stupid, but I was indeed a stupid kid.
Thanks for the memory jog.


Sounds better on vinyl.

(Just kidding.)

This might be a stretch but…in a pinch you can use a tree as an antenna to receive and transmit radio signals - it’s been done. I think the research may have been prompted by the needs of Special Forces.
SO… if you can receive a radio signal then why would it not be possible to connect every tree in a forest so as to make a massive array that could be used for, say, radio astronomy.
Then also, trees are apparently able to communicate with one another. I don’t know at what distance. It could be quite interesting to monitor, via some supercomputer, what’s going down in the forest - after you filter out all the noise.
It could just be a cacophony: Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, ahh just got a hit of sap, lovely day. And at dusk: goodnight, night, good night, yawn. goodnight.

Original or cover version?

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Another option

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