Listen to a new jazzy take on the Mountain Goats' TikTok hit "No Children"

Originally published at: Listen to a new jazzy take on the Mountain Goats' TikTok hit "No Children" | Boing Boing

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Aww, it’s just a jazzy intro piece followed by the song in the usual style. They’ve been noodling like this before launching into the song live for years, which is a lot of fun. I was hoping they’d actually done the whole song in that style.


I’ve heard several different covers of this, and I just found the original. But in every single one of them, the singer seems to be doing a frighteningly accurate Loudon Wainright III voice, and the lyrics sound very much like songs he has written in the past ( go find his tune “I’d Rather Be Lonely” ). It’s hard to believe he wasn’t somehow involved with this tune.

Or perhaps Darnielle was influenced by him? :woman_shrugging:

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The juxtaposition of dainty, upbeat music and brutally self-destructive lyrics have struck a chord with Gen Z, I guess, and it’s now become what some might call “a thing.”

Following this trend lately, I get the sense that this is resonating with young people for a more depressing reason. If there’s a jaunty acceptance of a divorce happening here, it’s a break between the relatively more optimistic life expectations of their parents on the one hand and the economic inequality and climate emergency and rise of sado-populism they think lies in store for them on the other.

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