Listen to George W. Bush speak sense and then agree with him


At least on some points… :wink:



See how many points you agree with him on, award yourself points accordingly.


I’m the odd one out here that I liked W before it was cool to do so


He nods when the correspondent quotes what he said years ago and then, when given the opportunity to reiterate those thoughts in the context of the Trump administration, he caves and sidesteps.

If he really felt strongly about these previously exposed views, he would’ve defended them, even at the risk of seeming oppositional. He didn’t.

No points.


W’s a nobody. Perhaps without Cheney to guide him, it’s just as easy for the interviewer to guide him?


Pretty sure it still isn’t.


lol, where are all the Cheney hipsters?


While this doesn’t make me actually like him or forgive his presidency, he does make some good points so I’ll give him that.


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