Ayatollah Khamenei: Trump and administration "mentally retarded"


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/19/ayatollah-khamenei-trump-and.html


Kim Jong Un: Trump is a dotard.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Trump is a retard.

Rex Tillerson: Trump is a fucktard.


shit be fucked up when you agree with the Ayatollah and Kim Jong Un…


Glad to see those guys aren’t pulling any punches. When our allies start to say it, things might start to change. Still have to convince the Republican House and Senate though. Perhaps they like Pence enough to do it. I might disagree with Pence’s politics, but I am not afraid of him polluting our foreign affairs with brashness.


"Khamenei also said he won’t waste his time responding to Trump’s “nonsensical comments,”

Now, if we can only get our media to follow that suggestion things might start to look up.


Its hard to argue with the truth.


The clearly politically incorrect Supreme leader of Iran dubbed President Donald Trump and his administration as “mentally retarded”

One way or another, these Ayatollah guys seem determined to invoke a permanent association for themselves in my mind with my being a middle school boy in the 1980s.

Now that I think about it, so does the person he’s talking about.


Wow, the Iranians really have their shit together.


Enemy of thy enemy. Wow. Never thought we’d all agree with these folks.

I must say that the recent anti trump posters out of NK were pretty good.



What world am I in, where I actually find myself on the same side as people like Shia Labeouff and Charlie Sheen, let alone those two aforementioned genocidal madmen?


Nah, nah, he isn’t political incorrect, just behind on the times. Used to be that ‘mentally retarded’ was the politically correct way to say… um… however you are currently supposed to describe people whose neurological development has not progressed in a manner consistent with a majority of other humans the consequences of which negatively affect their capability to function independently.

…is the euphemism treadmill going to lead to everyone sounding like Sir Humphrey Appleby?


Cognitive/intellectual disability is what it says on gov’t forms.


Darn it, Iranians are not saying “Death to America,” they are saying Down with America. Get it right. They’re rightfully angry because America toppled their democracy, installed and backed a violent dictator, and then armed Saddam Hussein who killed their people, shot down one of their airliners and refused to apologize, and has been openly threatening to nuke them. If I were Iranian then Heck yeah I’d be saying a lot worse.


I like ‘cognitive disability.’ It’s accurate and to the point.

How long before asshats on the internet turn it into a general-purpose insult, d’you think?


I keep asking the same thing. Daily.


Just because the Ayatollah and Kim Jong Un are genocidal assholes doesn’t mean they can’t see the obvious when they watch the orange buffoon demonstrate impaired social and intellectual behavior. I would like to say this ain’t rocket science but unfortunately that’s just exactly what it is.


That Khmaenei, he tells it like it is, and means what he says.

Unlike Trump.


Is it on the application form for being President?


Clearly not.


I just looked these up and they’re awesome. What strange times.