Listen to Marc Maron's WTF interview with President Obama

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Just started listening to this episode. I can hear the nervousness in Maron’s voice a bit, but it’s only like 15 minutes in and Maron’s already drilling in and getting really interesting things from Obama, just about his early years and how he feels about them. Really excellent.

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I promise I don’t mean to sound hipster-y when I say I started listening to Marc Maron way back in the beginning when he first started this podcast. It’s been very interesting to hear the arc he’s traveled from how he was unsure about his career and this whole podcasting thing up to interviewing the President of the United States. This podcast had always been fantastic and I’m happy for Marc’s success. And this particular interview sounds fascinating!


I’d love to see the list of off-limits topics and so on that Maron probably received ahead of time.


The cup and napkin with shield … the president in the US is truly a replacement-monarch.

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Same here. I’m really excited for him!

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Hmm, I’m fifty minutes in, and I’m sensing Maron kind of tapping his fingers impatiently, waiting for Obama to say something new and interesting. And thinking, “Well, at least he used the n-word.”

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The seal is on the boxes of M&Ms given out on Air Force 1 and 2, as well.

in Maron’s Pasadena, California garage, where Maron produces his popular WTF Podcast

N.B.: Maron’s in Highland Park, not Pasadena.

Oh good lord.

Maron finally shuts the hell up and lets a guest talk for a while. Unfortunately, by the end Maron realizes and admits we all just listened to canned and practiced speeches for an hour. Would have been more entertaining if Maron went with his usual shtick of narcissistic self loathing and talking over and off topic of what Obama was saying.


Even the personal stuff was boring.

“So what’s something about you that drives Michelle crazy?”

“Well, lots of things. Like, I used to be late to things.”

Wow, you don’t say! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Far more entertaining (and shorter) than this WTF episode is this bit of Maron’s comedy:

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Yawn, wake me when he has Bernie Sanders on the show.

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