Uh-oh. What's up with McCain? He seemed disoriented when questioning Comey today


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He’s a maverick! Of word salad generation. I am guessing this will be his last term.


First I was thinking “he’s mostly seemed pretty with-it up till now” and then I remembered he thought Palin would make a good pick for VP.


McCain is the poster child for term limits. FACT!


I was just wondering about this in the Bingo thread:


Maybe Sarah Palin rubbed off on him a little too much.


He’s on Team Republican. Maybe he’s just playing rope-a-dope, doing what he can to get folks to turn off their teevees by making these proceedings as boring as possible.


my impression of McCain through the years is extremely mixed (although generally more positive when he’s not running for president), but today was the first day when I thought “actually senator, maybe you’d like to get back to us on this when you’re having a lucid day?”


He was obviously completely unprepared. Senator’s time has indeed expired.


It’s a real shame if he’s expired. I mean, yes, he’s a Republican and guilty of all that entails, but at least he functioned as a kind of GOP ambassador to Earth.


At the end he made what felt to me like a valid point: Comey was very willing to share his opinions on the Clinton investigation, but is unwilling to share his opinions on the Trump investigation.


If only Jonathan Coulton could have been there to sing a narrative explanation of McCain’s behavior…


“What’s up with McCain?”

Probably some short-circuit in his brain… wires crossed between wanting to seem Republican while wanting to come out with something truthful and honorable.


The Owl and the Pussycat.


I only got to hear a chunk of the hearings on NPR while at work, but Comey basically explained why that was. The Clinton investigations are over, so he feels free to discuss them. But the Trump investigations are ongoing, plus since he got fired he’s not up-to-date with what’s going on with them. Therefore, he felt unqualified to discuss them.


I wouldn’t blame McCain for Palin. I’m pretty sure the party lined her up as the best choice.
If you watch the video from the Republican Convention that year, watch McCain’s eyes roll when Palin gives her nomination acceptance speech. He knew he’d lost right then and there.


His running mate, his responsibility. It was ultimately his choice no matter what other people in his party were pushing for.


That seems fair. I only caught the tail end of McCain’s questioning, where he must have circled back to that and Comey declined to comment. I am not very interested in cringing the whole way through McCain’s questions.


As a friend of a friend said on Facebook, McCain at a murder trial: “It’s unfair that the deceased isn’t also under investigation. She was clearly involved.”

Watching McCain today, and thinking how much the Presidency ages a person, I’m (again) relieved he didn’t win in 2008.


he just put out a statement saying essentially that he didn’t realize that staying up so late watching sportsball would make him sound so confusing this morning. [EDIT]: senators – they’re just like us!