Listen to Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream," the deep house mix

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Note to self: just look in the calendar, duh.

Bernice seems to tweet about “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” quite a bit.

So I suspect she wants us to read that.

And just lastnight I saw an ad on tv about the day with John Lewis. I’m not sure if that’s an old ad. He’s fighting a serious cancer right now, but he was built to last. People should send him cards wishing him well or telling him how their lives have improved because of what he did and the changes that happened.

You don’t have to be black for civil rights workers to matter.

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Marc Smith used to play the speech during his bouncy techno/UK hardcore DJ sets, I assume for the PLUR association.

I find it hard to listen to now, because I realised that MLKs vision is far from being achieved.

Selected text from another topic:

I still have hope, but we need to fight hard to make it happen.


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