Listen to Michael Stipe (REM) sing David Bowie


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Even Michael Stipe?!

Wow, shaggy beards are getting SO de rigueur.


That was lovely!


I’m increasingly reminded of Eddie Izzard’s bit about the Old Testament when everyone had “big fuck-off beards.”


Sweet, but honestly people need to give this, Space Oddity, Heroes, and Life On Mars a rest already. Like they’re the only songs he wrote. Getting into Mona Lisa territory at this point.


such a beautiful rendition, in my opinion – really understated in the best michael stipe ways – and i love his beard, but omg that septum piercing does NOT work for me. does he even have tattoos? the piercing seems so out of character for him in my mind.


Kurt Cobain did it better.

Even though I love the heck out of everything Stipe has ever done.


cover of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World”

You know, I’m pretty sure David Bowie wrote at least one other song.

Oh, @cintune ahead of me…


I won’t be satisfied until major US political figures all have them like back in the mid-19th century.


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